Your NBE Questions Answered!

Can sex make breasts bigger?

Yes, breasts can become bigger during sex but the results are not permanent.  When aroused, the breasts can swell and become up to 25% larger. The swelling is due to the increase in blood to the breasts but unfortunately breasts return back to their normal size shortly after sex.

What in chicken feet makes breasts grow?

Chicken feet, especially chicken feet soup, is a popular topic in the NBE community. There isn’t anything in chicken feet that actually makes breasts grow. If you live in a country where hormones are given to chickens, those hormones may affect breast growth. Here in the United States, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits the use of hormones in poultry.

The main reason people each chicken feet is because it is rich in collagen. The collagen strengthens connective tissue which are found in abundance in the breasts. This can help enhance the skin around the breasts and reduce sagging.

Is vitamin C beneficial to breast growth?

Taking vitamin C alone will not grow breasts but it can help with the overall health and appearance of the breasts. Vitamin C plays a role in the synthesis of collagen which is important to maintaining the connective tissue found in the breasts.

Does aloe vera increase breast size?

A study published in the Journal of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences in 2013 stated that aloe vera increased estrogen levels in rats and concluded that aloe vera could have positive effects on the process of fertility. Based on this study, there is a possibility that aloe vera may help increase breast size in humans due to its estrogen activity though it is not known how aloe vera affects human hormone levels.

Is growth from pueraria mirifica permanent?

Many women have experienced successful, permanent breast growth with the use of pueraria mirifica.  How permanent your results are can depend on how long you are on pueraria mirifica. The longer you are on it, the more permanent your results can be. To ensure permanent breast growth, many women do maintenance programs after stopping their primary breast enlargement routine.

Can you mix bovine ovary with maca?

Maca is an adaptogen and helps to balance hormones. It will not conflict with glandulars, like bovine ovaries, so is okay to mix the two but be aware that maca may make your hips bigger.

Can breast enlargement pills affect your menstrual cycle?

It is not uncommon for breast enlargement pills to affect one’s menstrual cycle. Unfortunately it is hard to know if your cycle will be impacted or not. Some women experience late periods, heavy periods or short periods while others experience no change. To minimize disruptions in your cycle, it is recommended that you start your breast enlargement pills on the first day of your cycle or the day that you start your period. This will help you stick with the natural rhythms of your body as you start your NBE program.

Can you mix pueraria mirifica with saw palmetto?

There general rule of thumb is that you should not take more than one of the same type of herb (ie phytoestrogen, phytoprogesterone, etc). So with that said, you wouldn’t want to take PM (a strong phytoestrogen) with other phytoestrogens like red clover or hops. It is okay to take PM with saw palmetto since SP is not a phytoestrogen.

Are Volufiline and Voluplus the same thing?

Volufiline and Voluplus are similar in that they both increase the number and size of fats cells to the area applied but there is a slight difference between the two. Volufiline is derived from the Chinese herb Zhu Mu while Voluplus is derived from nutmeg.

Are painful nipples a sign of breast growth?

Painful nipples can be a sign of breast growth but it might also mean that you massaged too roughly around your nipples. Other signs of breast growth include breast feeling fuller or heavier as well as tingling or soreness in the breasts.