Your NBE Inspiration for 2017 – Aki Hoshino

Need some inspiration to start your NBE program in 2017? Check out this success story!

Chiyomilk might be a poster child for natural breast enlargement in our NBE world but there is an even more popular lady in Japan. Her name is Aki Hoshino. Aki Hoshino is a bikini model from Japan whose young face along with big breasts and small waist have made her very popular in her country.

Ms. Hoshino used many of the same Bust-up methods that Chiyomilk used to achieve her amazing breast growth of a B cup to an F cup. She is one of few to publicly announce that she naturally grew her breasts. As expected, she received some backlash and people accused her of getting breast implants. As with many people in the world, they found it hard to believe that women can grow breasts after puberty.

In 2005, Aki Hoshino had a doctor perform a CT scan on live TV to prove her breasts were indeed 100% natural. She has also allowed many women to touch her breasts and they have confirmed her breasts are real.

Ms. Hoshino has been sharing her methods for growth on a number of Japanese shows like the one below.

In 2010, Ms. Hoshino also shared her advice in a book she wrote called “Hoshino Body.” In the book, she provided makeup advice as well as tips on how to have a body like hers.

Aki Hoshino BE Program

Ms. Hoshino’s program centered around exercises to strengthen the pectoral (or chest) muscles. She also ate a protein-rich diet which included drinking a lot of milk. She actually credits her growth to doing pushups after drinking milk.

Ms. Hoshino also used a product called Wonder Bomb which is a Pueraria Mirifica cream found in Japan. It contains a number of ingredients including collagen, soy extract, pomegranate extract, and other plant extracts.

I believe that Aki Hoshino’s breasts are 100% real.  If you look at the many pictures of Aki Hoshino available online, especially ones where she is laying down, implants just don’t lay like that.  Plus, I know NBE is possible.

There are so many NBE success stories from Japan – Aki Hoshino, Chiyomilk, and Mayusaki to name just a few.  Is it because their culture is more open to the idea of natural breast enlargement so there are more people doing it which leads to more success stories?  

Are people aware of your NBE program or do you keep it to yourself?  Please share your story in the comments below.