Where Does Your Bovine Ovary Come From?

If you are considering taking bovine ovary supplements as part of your natural breast enlargement routine, we highly recommend that you know where the company gets their bovine glandular from before purchasing.

Cattle for most bovine ovary pills come from either the US, Argentina, New Zealand, or China.  Argentina and New Zealand produce the highest quality bovine glandular because of each country’s strict rules and regulations for their cattle industries.

The bovine ovaries to be cautious of are those that originate from China which are mostly found in generic brand bovine ovary pills. China has less stringent rules and regulations for their cattle industry compared to Argentina and New Zealand.

While researching this topic, we found a story about a lady who took a generic brand bovine glandular that originated from China and got mad cow disease. We are not sure it if really did happen but from the continued research we did, it could be a possibility.

WebMD states that there have been no known human cases of mad cow disease in the US but no date was provided for when that article was written so the information may be fairly outdated for all we know. Additionally, WebMD stated that there were no known cases in the US, the lady who got mad cow disease might have been from another country.

According to Wikipedia – by October 2009, 166 people in the United Kingdom and 44 people elsewhere have gotten mad cow disease. The information provided by Wikipedia is a few years old so who knows, the story of the lady getting mad cow disease from taking a generic brand bovine ovary from China might be true.

We also found an incident regarding a lady who reported that she got tapeworms from taking a raw glandular supplements. The possibility of either of these two things happening is probably really low but we say it’s better to be safe than sorry so do your research on the companies.

The only bovine ovary supplement we would trust is Bountiful Breast. Their supplements are made from clean and safe bovine glandular from Argentina which have been inspected by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). The pills are actually made in FDA approved labs in the US.

Yes, Bountiful Breast is a little pricey compared to say generic brands but when it comes to our health, we think paying extra for the quality and peace of mind are well worth it!