When Do Boobs Stop Growing? A Guide to Breast Growth

By Alexa Reyna

Some young women want to know when their breasts are going to stop growing because they’re already too big and a real fear exists that they’ll get even bigger! Just as often, many other girls may want to know when breasts normally stop growing because their boobs aren’t as big as they want them to be—and they’re really just hoping that they aren’t finished growing yet.

Honestly, the answer to when boobs will eventually stop growing is as different as each individual young woman on the planet! You are unique and different, so what is happening in your body is going to be very different than what will happen in your friend’s body, or even your sister’s body. It’s all an individualised process.

But, with that said, I know you’re still looking for answers—and that is perfectly normal! So, here we’ll take some time to talk about some of the educated guesses that can be made. This might at least help you get a better idea of what’s going on in your body—and when you can reasonably expect your breasts to stop developing.

reasons of boobs stop growing

About Breast Development

Girls who are hitting puberty are experiencing all kinds of changes in the bodies as well as in their feelings and emotions. Raging hormones will begin to bring on periods, pimples, height increases and a whole host of other concerns that are good and bad. And this includes the development of breasts.

Breasts ‘buds’ may begin appearing underneath the nipple at a seemingly young age—usually between the ages of 8 and 13. This happens when you brain starts sending signals to your body that it’s time to get started with puberty.

During this time, some girls can get away with just a tank top or undershirt, while others will begin needing a true bra. The hard ‘buds’ will get rounder and fuller until they eventually turn into full breasts. It’s a slow process that allows a girl to get used to the change in a relatively slow manner.

Often, it leaves us with a question what age do breasts stop growing?

Signs of Breast Growth

Signs of breast growth may include:

  • Small, firm lumps appearing under the nipples
  • Tenderness or soreness in the breasts
  • Itchiness in the chest and/or around the chest area (as the skin stretches)
  • Backache

As your breasts continue to grow, it may be more practical to wear a sports-type bra so that it has some stretch and can accommodate changes. This will keep you supported but may be less uncomfortable than an underwire bra, especially if you are not finished growing yet. 

According to Medical News Today, girls tend to have final frowth spurt between the ages of 10 and 14. You may also headover to random answers by Quora users.

When Do Boobs Stop Growing Naturally?

According to Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book , young women’s breasts can stop growing anywhere between the ages of 16 and 20 on average. But breasts can continue developing until the age of 25 in some women. It really just depends on your unique body.

A good gauge about when a girl’s boobs might stop growing could be related to whether or not she has finished with puberty. If a young woman has not grown in height for a year or more, and her bra size hasn’t increased over that time, then she is probably finished with puberty and her boobs are likely finished growing.

Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book

At What Age Do Boobs Stop Growing?

Several reliable sources note that breast growth can be expected to stop between 2 and 4 years after the appearance of a girl’s first period. Others say a “few years” after the first period—which is pretty much the same thing.

Even though most young women may be finished with significant breast growth by the time they are in their early 20s, that doesn’t mean that they won’t continue going through various changes. Some women find that their breasts can change up to a cup size in the week before their periods, as hormones are increased.

As mentioned before, there is really no set age at which breasts will stop developing. It all depends on your unique physical make up. In general terms, most women will find that their breasts have reached their full size by the time they are in their early 20s.

Healthline puts the age at 18, but this is an extremely generalized number and does not really mean much when it comes to comparing the experiences of real women.

Factors That Influence Breast Size


You can’t really do anything about this but it still helps to know. Take a stealthy look at your mom, your aunts, or other women in your family. On dad and mom’s side. If they have large or small breasts, then you may be likely to take after them. This isn’t a surefire prediction, but it can give you a general idea of what to expect in the way of breast size and growth. If your family talks about these types of things, you can ask those trusted women in your family what their experience was! It’s your body and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask.


If you are an athlete, then your breasts may develop differently especially if you are working out the muscles in your chest with exercises such as pushups, chin-ups, or chest presses with dumb bells.


Some foods that you eat may influence the way that your breasts develop. For instance, a lot of soy, cow’s milk, green leafy vegetables, and nuts may all affect the hormones in your body that causes breast growth.

Weight Gain

Breast tissues is made mostly of fat so it stands to reason that the size of breasts would be associated with weight gain or loss. Some girls find that if they put on a few pounds in weight all over their bodies, it will also influence the size of their breasts. Of course, the opposite is also true that when women lose weight, their bra size may shrink as well. Again, this very much depends on the individual and is not a standard for all women and girls to expect.

Hormon Pills

If you are an athlete, then your breasts may develop differently especially if you are working out the muscles in your chest with exercises such as pushups, chin-ups, or chest presses with dumb bells.


Of course, women who are expecting a baby will notice a ton of changes in their bodies, often including breast growth that prepares the woman to feed her baby. This, however, is not an advisable plan for growing your breasts!

Natural Breast Changes During Life Stages

Women’s bodies go through all sorts of changes—and not just during puberty! From the natural development of breasts at the time of puberty to the final years of life of menopause, a woman may find her breast size changing for various reasons.

Before and During Periods.

As mentioned previously, the times before or during the menstrual period may reveal swollen, tender breasts that are larger than “normal”. You may even need to wear a different bra during your period because of the difference in size as well as the discomfort and pain that some women experience. Or try out a sports brad during your period to provide extra support without the discomfort of underwires poking you everywhere.

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding.

These are obvious times when women’s breasts naturally change in size in response to the hormones needed to grow a little person. Some women may notice that their breasts remain large even after having the baby and following breast feeding. Other women may find that their boobs shrink a little following breast feeding (and, to be honest, may even result in a bit of sagging). But don’t worry, because feeding babies is what breasts do best!

Menopause and Aging

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when she stops having periods and producing many hormones. This is another time in life when a woman might experience changes in her breasts. She may notice not only a change in size but also in the elasticity of the skin.

Other Breast Health Issues

It’s also true that some women have one breast that is slightly smaller than the other, which is absolutely normal and no one needs to worry about this being abnormal. You may grow out of this or may find it’s a unique part of you for your entire life.

Of course, breast health is a very important part of every woman’s life and you should always make sure to seek help from a parent or medical professional if you find anything unusual (such as a lump or discharge) in one of your breasts. Breast cancer is extremely rare in teenagers and women in their young 20s, but it’s always better to be safe and stress-free.

If you’re worried about the size of your breasts—don’t be! Many women past their teens are pretty happy with the way that their breasts have turned out. And, if not? You may find that herbs, massage, and various other kinds of natural options are at your disposal so that you can be happy with the size of your breast. Give your boobs that boost they might need in a natural, healthy manner!

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