Volufiline™ vs VoluPlus™ – What’s the Difference?

Volufiline™, Voluplus™ – similar name but are they a similar product? Is one better than the other for achieving your goal of bigger breasts?

First, the anatomy of the breast. The breast is basically made up of two zones – the fatty layer right below the skin and the mammary glands found under the fatty layer. Both Volufiline™and VoluPlus™ affect the cells in the fatty layer of the breast which results in bigger breasts.


Voluplus™ is a patented formula with the active ingredient, Macelignan, derived for nutmeg. Macelignan stimulates the creation of fat cells as well as increase in size of each fat cell. So not only do you get more fat cells to the area that VoluPlus™ is applied but each fat cell is also larger than your average fat cell.

We found a clinical study that was published in August 2011 on the effects of VoluPlus™ on the breast. In the study, women between 18 to 35 years of age applied the cream twice per day for 28 days. Each volunteer was their own control meaning they only applied the cream to only one of their breasts.

The results showed that after 28 days, the first quartile or the best responders in the group saw an average of 12% increase compared to placebo or breast that didn’t get VoluPlus™ applied. The overall average increase of the group of 30 was 4% compared to placebo. The maximum increase experienced was 18%.

There were two things we didn’t like about the study. First is that the sample size was way too small to gather any real data from the study – only 30 women. Second, 28 days to study a breast enhancing product is not enough time in our opinion. The VoluPlus™ products we found recommended using their products for 6 months for maximum, permanent growth so we would’ve liked to have seen the study last at least 6 months.


Serderm, makers of Volufiline™, extract sarsasapogenin from a plant in China called Zhi Mui to create their breast enlargement product. Sarsasapogenin gradually stimulates the growth and development of fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer of the breasts which help to give breasts volume and fullness.

Volufiline ResultsVolufiline™ also had a clinical trial done on their product with 28 volunteers for 56 days (started with 32 individuals but 4 dropped out by the end of the 56 days). This study was about a month longer than the VoluPlus™ study. Like the VoluPlus™ study, each volunteer applied the Volufiline™ product twice each day to one breast. The results were a 1.4% increase in volume in the treated breast after 28 days and 2.2% increase after 56 days. The best responders experienced a 6.4% increase in 28 days and 8.4% increase at 56 days.

Though the study only lasted 56 days, the report concluded that “the continued increase in volume between days 28 and 56 suggests even more pronounced results over a longer application period.” So once again, we would’ve preferred to have seen data for at least 6 months to see if their conclusion of “even more pronounced results” with longer use of product was accurate.  Even though the group was small and the time period was too short in our opinion, it was reported that everyone in the study did experience growth of some kind which is promising.

So What’s the Difference?

The main difference appears to be where the active ingredient for each product is extracted from.  Volufiline extracts sarsasapogenin from a plant in China called Zhi Mui.   VoluPlus™ extracts it’s active ingredient, Macelignan, from nutmeg. They both affect the fatty layer of the breast in the same way by increasing the number of fat cells and their size. They are both a great option if you are looking for a breast enlargement product that is not hormonal. Due note that you probably won’t be seeing any 2 cup increases with these products but they can help to increase volume and firmness.

Volufiline™ and VoluPlus™ Products

While researching products, we discovered that there were more products on the market that contained Volufiline™ rather than VoluPlus™. We are not sure why, maybe it’s less expensive to create with Volufiline™? Maybe Volufiline™ is more effective?  Here are some of the products we found containing either ingredient.

Isosensual EnhanceIsosensual Enhance – This was the only Voluplus™ Breast Enlargement Cream that we could find.  It costs $49.95 for each bottle which is supposed to last for two months with twice daily use.  It is hormone and paraben free and boasts a 95% customer success rate.  It has a 4 star rating on Amazon.  Isosensual also makes Voluplus™ Butt Enlarging Cream that is extremely popular on Amazon.



Breast Success CreamBreast Success is a breast enlarging cream what contains Volufiline™ and Biobustyle.  It is $39.95 for a 2oz jar. Breast Success also has herbal pills that you can combine with the Breast Success cream.  The pills are sold separately and cost $39.95 per bottle.


Bountiful Breast Enlargement CreamBountiful Breast Cream is a breast enlarging cream developed by Bountiful Breast, makers of the popular bovine ovary breast enlarging supplement.  Their cream contains Volufiline™ and Bio-Bustyl and is recommended to be used in conjunction with their breast enarlgement pills but not necessary.  The breast cream can be used alone with another supplement including herbal or pueraria mirifica if you choose.  Each jar of Bountiful Breast Cream is $39.95.

Total Curve Breast EnlargementTotal curve is a total breast enlarging program.  The first part is a herbal breast enlargement pill.  The pill contains breast enlarging herbs such as fennel, hops, dong quai and wild yam.  The second part is the Lifting and Firming gel which contains Volufiline™.  The items can only be purchased as a set and not individually.  The cost for one month’s supply is $69.95.