Volufiline for Fuller Breasts, Buttocks, and Lips

Volufiline™ is a cosmetic ingredient that is used in many face and body care products to “plump up” the area of application.  The most popular areas for Volufiline™ use are the face, to “fill in” wrinkles, as well as the lips, breasts, and buttocks to increase fullness.

The great thing about Volufiline™ is that it is non-hormonal so it doesn’t mess your hormones unlike other products used to increase fullness is areas like the breasts and buttocks.  Another great thing is that it is applied topically and only affects the area of application and not the whole body unlike products that are taken orally.

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Below is a collection of Volufiline™ products for some of the most popular areas of application – breasts, buttocks, and lips.


Volufiline™ for the Breasts

Total Curve Breast Enlargement
Total Curve takes a two part approach to increase breasts size naturally.  The herbal supplement contains a number of natural breast enlargement herbs to help balance hormones while the breast gel, which contains Volufiline™, stimulates fat cell production in the breast.  When used as directed, you should expect to see results in 60 days but it is recommended that you stay with the program for at least 90 days to see full results.  The cost per month is $59.95 but can cost as low as $49.95 per month with bulk purchase.


Eveline Cosmetics, a company based is Poland, offers a Volufiline™ based breast cream.  We found it on Amazon for $14.99.  It has many positive reviews but from what we read, it appears to help firm breasts but not cause any significant increase in size. The manufacturer claims that the cream “firms breasts, stimulates cell renewals, strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity. Skin becomes more elastic and taught every day, the breasts are more full, round and firm.” Eveline Cosmetics makes a Volufiline™ buttock cream. (see below)

Volufiline™ for the Buttocks

Dr Fujita Hip Enlarging Cream
Dr. Fujita, a company based in Japan, has a cream that contains Volufiline™ made specifically for the buttocks. .  The cream is priced at $55.70 but there appears to be no way to place an order through the Dr. Fujita website.


Eveline cosmetics
 also offers a buttocks shaping cream that can be found on Amazon.  The cost is $15.99.  It is said to “instantly fill in, shape and lift buttocks”.  It also protects against stretch mark formation.  The Slim Extreme 3D serum for buttocks contains Volufiline™, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and laminaria algae.



Isosensual Bigger Butt Cream

IsoSensuals CURVE – Butt Enhancement cream is a very popular product on Amazon.  It has over 850 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.  IsoSensuals is hormone and parabnn free and claims up to an 18% increase in butt size.  Isosensuals Curve contains Voluplus which is similar to Volufiline but derived from nutmet.

Volufiline™ for the Lips

Volufiline Lip Plumper
Pupa Lip Volumizing Enhancer is a product out of the UK.  It appears to only be available through UK shops like Escentual which has it for 24.50 GBP or approximately $37.  The lip volumizer has Volufiline™ and other ingredients that help stimulate collagen formation.  The lip cream also reduces fine lines and help lips look fuller.  8 weeks of use if recommended to see full effects.


Volufline™ for Breasts and Butt

Bountiful Breast CreamBountiful Breast Cream Bountiful Breast maker of a popular bovine ovary breast enlargement pill now offers a Volufiline based cream.  Not only is it good for breasts but anywhere you want curves including butt, hips and thighs!   The cost is $39.95 per bottle.  Bountiful Breast also produces a bovine ovary breast enlargement pill which would be a create compliment to a Volufiline breast enlargement cream.

volufilin platium gel

Volufiline Platinum Gel Cream is a product from Japan.  What sets this apart from other Volufiline creams is that it also contains Pueraria Mirifica.  The cost per jar is about $35US.  Directions indicate that it can be used on the breasts or butt.




  1. I have tried to find where to order the dr.Fujita cream and i cannot find the option to purchase. Can you get back to me on this information please. thank you so much

    • Hi – Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anyway to order through their website. We haven’t been able to locate any place on the internet to order Dr Fujita’s cream from. We emailed the company about how to order their products but have not received a reply. 🙁