Volufiline™ for Breast Enhancement

Volufiline for Breast EnhancementVolufiline™  is product that was developed by a company in France and is used in many cosmetics today.  It is used in body and face care products because of its ability to “plump” up an area.

Volufiline™ has recently become popular for its use in enhancing buttocks and breasts.  It helps to add volume to these areas by stimulating the body to increase fat production.

How does it work?

Volufiline™ is derived from the extract of the Chinese herb, Zhu Mu (Anemarrhena asphodeloides). Once applied, the product with Volufiline™ enhances and remodels the curves of our body that we want to be plumper by stimulating the body to increase its fats production to the area where the product is applied.

Volufiline™ stimulates the growth of adipose tissue. Since breast tissues contains high amounts of adipocytes, this ingredient is said to be very effective in naturally enhancing the breasts.

Volufiline™ does not stimulate the hormones like other products used to increase breasts. It is a great option for those who do not want to use any hormone based products yet still want to grow breasts naturally.

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How to use Volufiline™ for Breast Enlargement?

Volufiline™ comes in topical form as a cream or a lotion.  The product is massaged into the breasts, generally twice a day.  Products like Total Curve offer a Volufiline™ based breast cream along with an herbal supplement as part of their breast enlargement program.

note – Volufiline™ is only available in topical form and can not be taken internally.

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Clinical Testing

To prove its efficacy, clinical tests have been conducted by experts and all the results have yielded positive results. In one test in which 5% of Volufiline™ is applied on one breast for 56 days among selected group of women, on average the treated breasts increased for about 8.4% in volume as compared to the untreated breasts. In vitro evaluation still shows the same positive results by concluding that adipocytes increased for over 22 times and stored fats for more than 600% after application of Volufiline™ products. This gives as a firm stand that indeed products with Volufiline™ are effective in enhancing breasts.

Side Effects

Because this product is all-natural and does not affect the hormonal balance of the body, it is believed to be safer than other types of breast enlargement products on the market. To date, there have been no complaints of any discomforts caused by this product.

Products with Volufiline™

Total Curve with Volufiline

Total Curve™ Is a unique 3 Step Breast Enhancement Therapy that incorporates an herbal breast enlargement supplement, Volufiline breast gel and an exercise program.  The Total Curve™ Daily Supplement is a single, daily capsule, containing a series of safe, natural phytoestrogens that mimic the role of estrogen in the breast development process. The Total Curve™ Lifting & Firming Gel, specially formulated with Volufiline™, is applied to the breasts every day. The Total Curve™ Exercise Program consists of a series of easily performed exercises, either at home or in a gym, to tighten and develop the muscles supporting the breasts. This lifts the breasts up and reduces “sagging”.