Tips to Save Money with Natural Breast Enlargement

There are a number of ways to save some money when it comes to natural breast enlargement.  If you decide to go with supplements to grow breasts naturally, the easiest way to save money is to buy in bulk.  Many companies like Bountiful Breast and NatureDay offer discounts and even free bottles with larger orders.

Most women who have had success with natural breast enlargement will tell you that it can take up to 6 months of consistent use of supplements to see desired results.  Sometimes even longer if you happen to be  a “slow responder” or inconsistent with your routine.

If you choose to go with a breast enlargement supplement, you might want to try a 6 month supply initially and see how it goes.  If you see results before the 6 months and you have bottles left over, you can always sell the extra bottles on eBay or in NBE forums as long as the bottles are sealed.

If you are customizing your own routine like purchasing individual bottles of herbs (ie fenugreek, wild yam, etc), buy supplements online as they are cheaper than purchasing from local stores.  Plus, you won’t be charged sales tax as long as the online store doesn’t operate from your state (this tip won’t apply if your state doesn’t  charge a sales tax).  You will generally have to pay for shipping with online purchases so try to purchase everything from the same store to save on shipping.  Many stores offer free shipping if you purchase a certain dollar amount.

You can also save money by signing up for the mailing list you order your supplements from.  Stock up when they announce sales or send out discount codes.  iHerb is always sending out discount codes via their mailing list.

Another option is to make your own natural breast enlargement pills.  It takes a little more time and effort but you can purchase bulk bags of herbs and encapsulate them yourself or brew the herbs in a coffee maker and drink the resulting tea.  Greenbush sells 1 pound bags of organic fenugreek, fennel and a many other herbs that you can use as part of your NBE routine.  If you want to make your own pills, you can purchase a capsule filler machine and empty capsules online.  We found that Amazon has the best prices.

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You can also make your own boobie batter to save a little money.   You can use almost any type of oil or lotion as a base to your boobie batter including olive oil, sweet almond oil, borage oil, cocoa butter and evening primrose oil just to name a few.  Whatever base you decide to go with, add to it extracts of fenugreek, saw palmetto or any other breast enlargement herb.  Some people even open capsules of herbs and mix with the oil or make their own extracts to add to the oil.

More important than any of the tips listed above is to be consistent with your routine.  You can easily waste a lot of time and money by not sticking to your routine.  You need to do your part – taking the pills, massaging or whatever it may be – in order for the products to work effectively and in the end, help you grow breasts.

Note – the only downside to customizing your own routine is that it takes time and effort to figure out which herbs to take and how much.  If you don’t have time for this or just don’t want to mess with it, then “pre-made” breast enlargement programs, like NatureDay are probably best for you.  If you are willing to take the time to make your own customized blend, you can really save some money.