Tips for Success with Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica
is a favorite among NBE’ers because of its potency as a phyto-estrogen and effectiveness in growing breasts. It has gained popularity in recent years due to the immense success of Chiyomilk. She grew 3 cup sizes in 2 years (!) using PM as the main component of her breast enlargement routine. If you are thinking about following in the footsteps of Chiyomilk and giving Pueraria Mirifica a try, here are some tips to maximize success.


Before starting your PM regimen, you will want to do a liver cleanse to clear out your estrogen receptors so that they are operating at 100%. Though you may have never taken an estrogen supplement, there is still a chance your receptors may be overloaded as many products and foods contain even small amounts of phyo-estrogens or chemicals that affect your hormone levels. Over time, it can build up and when your estrogen receptors are overloaded, they don’t respond as well. Here is a simple and inexpensive liver cleanse you can do – Milk Thistle Cleanse for NBE.

Consistent Flow

Divide your PM dosage into two or three equal dosages. Either split between a morning and evening dose or morning, afternoon and evening dose. This will give your body a consistent flow of the active ingredient. Dividing the dosages up also allows for a better chance of your body absorbing more of the product. When you take it all at once, a majority of it is processed out of your body and wasted.


Calcium is not only good for the bones but it’s good for NBE, too. Drinking milk with your PM supplement is highly recommended as it aids in the maximum absorption of PM by your body. If drinking milk is not an option, other drinks that contain calcium like soy milk or a good ol’ calcium supplement taken with your PM works just as well.


There are three ways to take pueraria mirifica but the most effective appears to be cycling. This means taking PM at specific times during your menstrual cycle. If you choose to cycle pueraria mirifica, you will want to take PM only during your follicular phase as your estrogen levels are naturally high during this period. During your luteal phase, your estrogen levels are naturally at their lowest so you will want to stop taking PM during this time.

Progesterone cream

Though this may not work for everyone, many people have experienced good growth by cycling PM with a progesterone cream. This means taking pueraria mirifica only during follicular phase and progesterone cream only during your luteal phase.

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Take Breaks

You can expect to be on pueraria mirifica for at least 6-9 months, maybe even longer. It is highly recommended that you take a break a few times during your journey. This means stopping PM and all supplements you are taking as part of your natural breast enlargement routine. While on your break, it is a good idea to do a liver cleanse. This will give you body a break and the cleanse will reset your receptors so your body is working optimally at receiving and processing all the active ingredients in the supplements you are taking to grow breasts.


Breast massage is an absolute must during any breast enlargement program. Massage increases circulation to the breasts which helps to bring more blood, oxygen and nutrients to your growing breasts.  Massage also helps to remove toxins from the breast area.  You can couple your pueraria mirifica pills with a pueraria mirifica breast cream or you can simply use a body lotion or oil.  What matters most is that you do the massage, everyday.


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