Tips for Noogleberry Newbies

Whether you’re just starting your Noogling journey or thinking about getting a Noogleberry system, below are some tips to get you started.

When ordering…
We recommend contacting Noogleberry before you order your breast enlargement pump just to make sure you purchase the correct size domes for yourself. Lucy over at Noogleberry is awesome. She will make sure you get the correct size and is happy to answer any questions you may have before and way after you’ve made the purchase. Noogleberry customer service is one of the best!

When using for the first time…
Be patient! Trying to get the domes on your breasts can get very discouraging, very fast. You will get a lot of what they call “burping” or “farting” sounds while trying to figure out how to get the domes on your breasts. Just stick with it. After a few days of practice, it’ll just get easier and easier to put on.

One tip for putting on the domes is to try bending at the waist a little when putting the domes on.  The skin is looser on your chest than if you were standing straight up where the skin is stretched – if that makes sense.  The looser skin is easier to create a suction with.

If you’re having a really hard time getting the domes on, you can try taking a bath with them. Many women have had great success putting the domes on while sitting in the bath because the water creates a very nice suction.  After you get the domes on, you can just still back and relax in the tub.

Before each use…
Check all hoses and make sure they are securely on the domes and pump.  You don’t want to get a nice suction going then lose it because a hose falls off.  As your device ages, you’ll notice that the hoses will try to slowly creep off. If it gets bad enough, you can snip off a piece of the hose (don’t worry, there is plenty) or you can purchase some new hoses.

Lube up…
It is important to lube up your boobs. Don’t worry about putting too much oil or lotion on your breasts. They help to create a good suction so that the domes stay on. One of the things you can try if you’re having a hard time getting the domes on is more lube! Some products you can use are cocoa butter, sweet almond oil or flaxseed oil.

Don’t over pump!!
When first starting out it’s very tempting to over pump. It’s easy to think that Noogling would be more effective if there was more suction but more is not better in this case. Just pump enough so that you feel a slight tugging on your breasts.  You can increase the pressure over the next few weeks as your breasts get used to it.  Some ways to tell if you are over pumping are –

– Red rings around your breast that don’t go away after 30 mins to 1 hour. It’s normal to get rings but if they take hours to go away, you’re probably pumping too hard.

– Bunch of little red dots on your chest.  This means you probably busted some blood vessels – a result of pumping too hard.  Nothing to worry about though.  They’ll go away.

– Bruising.  If you have bruising from the domes on your chest, you are definitely over pumping!

If you just don’t have time…
We recommend doing it at night when you go to bed (aka snoogling) or when you’re just relaxing watching TV. A big issue with Noogling  is consistency.  People just don’t have time in their busy schedules to pump. If you want to succeed with Noogling, you will need to make time. No excuses.

If you choose to Noogle laying down…
We recommend propping yourself up with some pillows, do not lay straight back on a pillow. The domes tend to lose suction this way because laying your back stretches the skin on your chest so suction is easily lost. When you prop yourself up on some pillows, it keeps your skin from being stretched out so much.

Band Aid X for nipplesIf you are concerned about your nipples…
Try taping them. Some people are concerned that their nipples might get bigger from using Noogleberry. We’re not sure how effective it is to tape your nipples but many Nooglers do this if they have a concern. There are many ways to tape your nipples. Some people alternate between “+” and “x”. Some people combine the two to make a “*”  or a star which completely covers their nipples. Up to you.

Protect your nipples…
Some people use band-aids to cover their nipples but that can get expensive very quickly.  A cheaper alternative is to get a roll of medical tape and cut off pieces as needed.  Just be sure you put a piece of cotton or tissue in the middle otherwise it will hurt peeling the tape off your nipples!