The Mystery of Natural Breast Enlargement

Natural Breast Enlargement is truly a mystery. There’s no doubt that it can be done but the question is…what is the magic formula that will unlock your body to grow bigger breasts naturally? Is it to take bovine ovary pills for 6 months or maybe it’s to take pueraria mirifica + massage for 1 year?

Why does one thing work from some people and not for others? And why is it so effortless for some people to grow breasts naturally while it’s like a part-time job for other people?

We view natural breast enlargement as a big ol’ experiment we do on ourselves. Yes it sounds terrible but when you think about it, we are always conducting experiments on ourselves. Trying out a new cream to see if this one will be the one that actually works for us in reducing the appearance of wrinkles on our face. Trying out that supplement to see if that’s the one that’ll finally provide the energy we desire. Trying out a new diet or workout plan to see if maybe this one will be the one that helps us lose weight and achieve the body we desire.

So when put that way, how many experiments have you conducted on yourself over the years?

As we all know, everyone’s body is different and respond to things differently. Here are some of the many factors that cause people to get varying results from natural breast enlargement or pretty much any supplement, cream, diet, etc. out there.

Heredity – the physical characteristics passed down from parents to children which include height, weight, color of eyes and hair, and body structure. Are your family members naturally thin or heavy set? Do the women in your family have big or small breasts?

Race – can influence height, weight, color of skin, hair, and eyes, facial and body structure (ie breast size).

Natural Hormone Levels – hormones affect body functions and growth. Sex hormones affect the growth of genital organs. Are you levels naturally high, low or balanced?

Lifestyle – What is your general well being? Are you generally happy or stressed? If you are stressed, do you do things to help relieve it like yoga or meditation? Do you live a party lifestyle? Do you get enough sleep?  Do you wear your body down?  Do you live an active lifestyle?

Diet – Do you eat a balanced diet? Are you getting all your nutrients from food? If not, are you supplementing? Do you eat a lot of sweets and carbs?

Health – Are you in good health overall?  Do you workout daily?

Habits – Do you smoke? drink? do drugs? Do you have a daily cup or two of coffee?  How about other caffeinated and/or carbonated drinks?

Environmental Factors – What is the quality of the air, water and food supply in your area? Do you live in area with a lot of pollution?

Mental – Are you depressed? do you believe it’s even possible to grow bigger breasts naturally?

Age – Are you young? Are you older? Many functions like the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) slow down as you get older.

Effort – What kind of effort are you putting into your workout and breast enlargement routine compared to the next person? Are you giving it 100%? Or are you giving it just 80%?

Previous Pregnancy (this one seems to matter in natural breast enlargement) – Women who were previously pregnant are believed to grow bigger breasts a little easier.

Now do you see why results from natural breast enlargement are so different?  All these things, how little some may seem, can affect the type of results people get from supplements, creams, diets, workouts, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one pill that blanketed the whole population that helped everyone get the results they desired easily and effortlessly? Unfortunately there isn’t. Guess that’s kind of a good thing though because the world would be full of thin, big breasted, wrinkle free women. Not much variety or uniqueness in that. Plus, that pill would make things too easy and where’s the fun in that?

Are there any factors we missed that could affect someone’s results with NBE?