Spice Up Your Breast Enlargement Routine: Cumin, Oregano, Thyme and More

Fenugreek, hops, and red clover are herbs frequently used in natural breast enlargement but did you know that spices and herbs used in everyday cooking can also have benefits for breast growth?


A spice with a distinct flavor and aroma, cumin is commonly used in Indian and Mexican cuisines. Cumin is a phytoestrogen and has been shown to contain genistein. Genistein, an isoflavone also found in soy, mimics human estrogen and binds to estrogen receptors to help develop and maintain female characteristics like breasts.

Studies have shown that cumin increases the number of mammary cells in laboratory animals. Though the effects on human breasts are unknown, humans tend to react similarly to laboratory animals. Dr. Duke mentioned cumin as an herb to try in the breast enlargement section of his book “The Green Pharmacy”.


Thyme is a herb that is commonly found in Italian cooking. Used dried or fresh, it is added to many sauces and stews. Thyme is said to support the body’s natural production of progesterone and can be beneficial to those who are estrogen dominant. Thyme is available as an essential oil, extract, or in capsule form.


Oregano is similar to thyme is many ways. Like thyme, this herb is often used in Italian cooking and also helps to increase progesterone levels. Oregano supplements are available as a capsule, extract and essential oil. Oregano oil is also available in capsule form.


Parsley has a strong flavor and is generally used as a garnish though it can be used in cooking, either fresh or dried. Parsley is rich in Vitamin K as well as Vitamin C. As for NBE, parsley has one of the highest sources of flavones but unfortunately flavones have the weakest estrogenic effect of all phytoestrogens.

The more popular use of parsley in NBE is to counter the smell of fenugreek. For those that don’t know – fenugreek, when used over period of time, will cause you to smell like maple syrup. Some people don’t mind the smell while others find it annoying. Ingesting fresh or dried parsley is said to minimize the smell.

Parsley is also a mild emmenagogue and as a result, parsley tea is a simple method used by many to induce late periods. But before you try this method, please be sure that your period is indeed late and that the delay is not a result of pregnancy.


Turmeric is a spice commonly found in Indian cuisine, especially curry. It is also a popular supplement to take because of its many anti-aging and medicinal benefits as well as its high concentration of the antioxidant curcuminoid. As for NBE, tumeric is used for its hormone balancing properties as it is said to increase the body’s natural production of progesterone.


Sage is a herb that has a strong flavor and is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin K. Sage leaves, as well as sage oil, have an estrogenic effect and can be beneficial for those who have low estrogen levels. Sage is commonly used to relieve menopausal symptoms but research has shown that sage may also help to improve memory.

Sage tea is a popular option for many NBE’ers for balancing hormones. Another common use for sage tea besides balancing hormones is to treat excessive sweating.

Sesame seeds

Regularly used in Asian cuisine or sprinkled on foods as a garnish, sesame seeds (as well as sesame oil) are said to be a good source of lignans which help to balance hormones and remove excess estrogen from the body.

Sesame seeds are used for their hormone balancing effects in a process called seed cycling, which is used by women to regulate their menstrual cycle. As part of seed cycling, sesame seeds are taken during one’s luteal phase.

Sesame seed oil can be used for breast massage but do note that the smell of sesame seed oil is very strong.