Pueraria Mirifica – Wild Harvested vs Farm Cultivated

There are many factors that contribute to the quality and potency of Pueraria Mirifica. The main factor being whether the plant was wild harvested or farm cultivated.

Generally you would want a plant to be wild harvested meaning that it was harvested from it’s natural, “wild” state but for Pueraria Mirifica, you actually want the farm cultivated variety. Farm cultivated Pueraria Mirifica is said to be more potent and a far more superior product in general.

The potency of Pueraria Mirifica can differ greatly and having it farmed raised can help with controlling a lot of the variables which can lead to a higher quality/more potent product than if it were wild harvested.

Here are some reasons why farm cultivated Pueraria Mirifica is better:

– There are 4 types of Pueraria Mirifica and only one, White Kwao Krua, has mirioestrol and deoxymirioestrol – the magical part of the plant that sets itself apart from any other plant and makes the breasts grow. The only way to tell the difference between all the varieties of Pueraria Mirifica is when they are flowering so there’s a chance that the product you’re getting might be mislabeled and isn’t even White Kwao Krua.

– The older the root, the better. Mirioestrol and deoxymirioestrol accumulate in the root very slowly so the older the root is, the more mirioestrol and deoxymirioestrol it has. By having it raised on a farm, they know exactly how old the root is. There are companies that don’t harvest their roots until they are at least 10 years old!

– There are better quality control measures in place with farmed Pueraria Mirifica. Farmers are able to have control over planting and harvesting as well as manufacturing and packaging of end product.

There are a few things that some NBE’ers believe can help you with finding the best quality product but they are not scientifically proven.  They include the following:

Some NBE’ers believe that Pueraria Mirifica pills should be pure white. They believe ones that are brownish in color have additives and fillers which may or may not be beneficial to breast growth. These same people believe that white pills contain the purest form of Pueraria Mirifica.

Some NBE’ers believe that you can tell the difference between wild harvested and farmed cultivated PM by the taste. Farm cultivated should have no taste or a soy-like taste while wild harvested should taste bitter. This is not a proven fact but if you have some PM available, crack open a pill and give it a taste.

Some believe that wild harvested Pueraria Mirifica pills are cheaper and have high milligrams per pill than farm cultivated PM pills. They believe that the milligrams are higher in wild harvested because the product isn’t as potent and there needs to be more of it to be effect.   So it is believed that it is best to get a higher priced product with lower milligrams per pill – better quality and more potent.

When it comes to Pueraria Mirifica, don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturer if their product is farm cultivated or harvested from the wild. It can really make a difference in the purity and potency of the product which can in turn affect the results you experience with Pueraria Mirifica. Potency can also affect how soon you start see results. Low potency will obviously take longer than a higher potency product. In the end, farm cultivated can save you time and money.

Right now there is no independent body that regulates Pueraria Mirifica in Thailand. There is also no standard for measuring the potency of Miroestol in Pueraria Mirifica supplements. So until there is, the best thing you can do is try to get the best quality product based on the information we have provided above.