Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump FAQ

Does it hurt to use the Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump?

No – you might feel a little tension on your breast but no pain. If you do have any major discomfort, it’s most likely because you are over pumping, in which case just release some of the suction. This can easily be done releasing the valve on the hand pump.

Can you grow breasts with just using the Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump?

Yes – many women have reported success with just using the Noogleberry breast pump. While it may take longer than if you were to add a breast enlargement pill to your routine, it is possible. It is recommended that you at least add massage to your Noogleberry routine to maximize growth.

What kind of growth can I expect with Noogleberry?

Most women experience anywhere from 1 to 2 cups growth. Some women have reported larger growth but do remember, everyone’s body is different so results will vary. Sticking to your routine and doing it everyday will help with achieving successful breast growth.

How long does it take to see growth?

Once again, everyone is different. There are the “fast-responders” who start seeing signs of growth in as little as a week or two. Then there are the “slow-responders” who don’t see any signs of growth for months but this doesn’t mean that the breast enlargement pump isn’t working, it’s just taking a little longer for you to see noticeable results. Patience is key with any natural breast enlargement routine.

Is growth from Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump permanent?

Yes, the breast growth you achieve from Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump is permanent. Some women do maintenance session once they reach their desired size. This means they use their Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump for a few weeks throughout the year.

How does Noogleberry work?

Noogleberry uses the theory of tissue expansion. Read more here – How Does Noogleberry Work?

How do you put on the Noogleberry domes?

There are a number of ways to put on the Noogleberry domes but we found a video online where a lady demonstrates one of the most popular ways for getting it done.

If you have a hard time getting the domes on the first time, or second, or third – don’t stress. Getting the Noogleberry domes on takes some getting used to but with a little practice it’ll get easier and easier – so don’t give up!

Can biological males grow breasts by using Noogleberry?

Yes, there are numerous cases where biological males have grown bigger breasts with Noogleberry. Most take additional supplements while on Noogleberry but it is possible. One of the most popular people in the NBE community is Cheryl. Cheryl was born male and grew to a 38DD by using the Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump and taking Bountiful Breast. Cheryl has a forum (Cheryl’s Breast Talk) where she helps other who are trying to grow bigger breasts naturally.