My Favorite App – Great For Tracking Your NBE Journey!

Pink Daily – I love this app! Before I started using it, all I knew was that my periods were never on time and super long. I hated going to the doctor and having to answer that question on the form “first date of your last period” because I had no clue!

But now I know the answer to that question and then some! I started using this app over six months ago and haven’t missed a day recording my cycle…which is surprising for me because I am horrible with keeping up with things like this.

It has a ton of cool features (like reminders to record you period) and things that you couldn’t normally record as easily without this app.Calendar

It will project when your next period will be as well as what day you will ovulate and what days you are fertile based on data you provide.

When you record your period, you have so many options such as… was your period heavy, light, medium? What color was it – light red, red or dark red? How were your symptoms – sore breasts, headaches, etc? Did you take any medication?  What has your mood?


It also tells you what your likelihood of getting pregnant is for each day of the month. And if you are into recording your sexual activity – there is a section for that too! They have multiple little icons of sex positions that you can select from. You can also record if you had an orgasm, used protection and a bunch of other stuff.


It will send you reminders when your period is about to start as well as reminders to take your birth control. It also gives you a report of average days you were on your period and average number of days your cycle is based on the past 6 months of data.

You can also record if you exercised that day, what your body temperature was, what you ate and make additional notes if you would like.

How to Use Pink Daily to Track Your NBE Journey

This app is a great way to journal your NBE journey in my opinion. You can simply alter some of the options to record things that pertain to your NBE journey instead of your cycle.

Temperature – use this option to record daily temperature – great for those who are using the Chiyomilk method and cycling pueraria mirifica

Diary – use this section to record what you did for that day (ie massaged, noogled, etc), what your measurements were or anything you want about your journey

Period – record your period – beneficial in tracking if certain products may have caused your period to be late, early, shorter, longer, heavier, lighter, etc.

Took Medicine – you can use this to record if you took your supplements that day or not

Weight – you can record your weight to see if any of the supplements you are taking are causing weight gain or loss

Symptoms – record if you experienced headaches, swollen breasts, etc.

Give it a try – it’s free! I got the app through the Google Play Store for my Android phone. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a version for iPhone.  There is an app for iPhones called Pink Pad Period & Fertility Tracker Pro that appears to be similar to Pink Daily.