Milk Does the Boobies Good

We’ve been told throughout our lives that milk is important for healthy, growing bodies, specifically the calcium and protein found in milk. These same elements are important for growing breasts. Whether you choose to drink milk from an animal or a plant-based milk like soy or rice, a glass or two a day can provide benefits to your NBE program. Some of these benefits include:

Essential for Growth

Cow’s milk is a major source of protein but plant-based milks, like soy, are also good sources of protein. Protein is something that is essential for growth as the body uses it to repair and build tissue. It is considered the building block of the body and can be found throughout our bodies from our hormones to our cells and tissues. Increasing your protein intake while on NBE can help boost the growth of new breast tissue. It is actually a must-do for any NBE program.

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In many Asian countries, soy milk is an essential part of NBE programs because of its high protein content but more importantly, the phyto-estrogens found in soy. Phyto-estrogens mimic human estrogen and can contribute to successful breast growth. But before you go drinking glasses and glasses of soy milk, confirm that you do not have a history of estrogen-based cancers in your family. Some believe that the estrogens found in soy can trigger cancers such as breast and ovarian while others believe that the estrogens found in soy actually help to fight cancer cells. So before adding soymilk to your regimen, do your research, especially if you have a history of estrogen-based cancers in your family.

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Assists in Absorption of Pueraria Mirifica

Calcium, another abundant element found in milk, is said to assist in the body’s absorption of Pueraria Mirifica. As a result, many NBE’ers on PM drink milk as part of their routine. Adding calcium to your diet when on a pueraria mirifica program can ensure more of the breast enhancing product is absorbed by the body and not wasted out.

If you are not a fan of animal or plant-based milks, you can simply substitute with a calcium supplement though natural sources are always the best. You can get calcium from other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. Additional sources of calcium include nuts and seeds, as well as dark, leafy greens such as kale and spinach.

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The Milk / Estrogen Connection for Healthy Bones

Many of the NBE products and programs require estrogen levels to be boosted either naturally by the body or through the use of plant-based estrogens (phyto-estrogens). Did you know that estrogen from your NBE program might be assisting in keeping your bones strong and healthy?

Calcium is essential for bone growth and strength. This includes the health of your teeth. Estrogen assists in the absorption of calcium by the body and helps to minimize bone density loss resulting in stronger bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.  So not only is your estrogen-based NBE program and drinking milk helping you grow breasts, your bones are staying nice and strong, too. 🙂