Is it Safe to Mix Breast Enlargement Products?

There are mainly 4 types of breast enlargement products on the market today. Each have their own unique active ingredient – herbs, pueraria mirifica, glandular (bovine ovary) and Volufiline – and each affect the body in different ways to increase breast size naturally.

Herbal and pueraria mirifica breast enlargement products use plant-based hormones like phytoestrogens to balance the body’s hormones and trigger the breast to grow.  They are available as an oral supplement as well as a topical cream, serum, etc. Bovine ovary stimulates the body to naturally increase production of estrogen and is only available as an oral supplement. Volufiline increases the fat cells in the breast and is available only as a topical cream.

Since each affect the body differently to get the breasts to grow, is it safe to mix breast enlargement products for better results? It is generally recommended that you do not mix and match breast enlargement products but there are some items you can mixed together. Below is a list of what NBE’ers consider safe to mix and not to mix.

Bovine Ovary Pills with Herbal Breast Enlargement Pills and/or Creams

You should not mix bovine ovary pills with any phytoestrogenic herbs like red clover, fenugreek, kudzu or fennel. Bovine Ovaries trigger your body to naturally increase the production of estrogen while phytoestrogens add more estrogen to the body. Mixing the two can overload your body with estrogen. As a result, your estrogen receptors might stop responding so estrogen will end up being processed out through the liver and wasted.

Since most herbal breast enlargement pills like Greenbush contain some type of phytoestrogen in their formula, it is recommended that you do not take bovine ovary pills with a commercial herbal breast enlargement pill and/or cream. If you decide to take herbs individually, it is OK to take bovine ovary pills with herbs like wild yam, saw palmetto, kelp, and damiana.

Bovine Ovary Pills with Pueraria Mirifica Pills and/or Creams

Pueraria Mirifica is a phytoestrogen, the strongest phytoestrogen around so it would not be a good idea to take bovine ovary pills with pueraria mirifica for the same reasons it’s not good to mix bovine ovary pills with herbal breast enlargement pills and/or creams.

Bovine Ovary Pills with Volufiline Cream

Volufiline is a non-hormal breast enlargement product that is safe to use while taking bovine ovary pills. Volufiline cream increases fat cell production to the area that it is applied to (ie breasts) and does not interfere with hormone levels.

Herbal Pills and/or Creams with Pueraria Mirifica Pills and/or Creams

You would not want to mix pueraria mirifica with another phytoestrogen as they could cancel each other out. Your estrogen receptors could get overloaded and not work properly. It is ok though to mix Pueraria Mirifica with other herbal supplements like saw palmetto, wild yam, and maca, just not phytroestrogens like fenugreek, red clover and fennel.

Herbal Pills and/or Creams with Volfuline Cream

It is ok to mix herbal supplements with a Volufiline cream. Volufiline is a non-hormonal ingredient.  It doesn’t affect your hormone levels so it would not be competing or overloading your body with hormones.

Pueraria Mirifica Pills and/or Creams with Volufiline Cream

It is safe to mix pueraria mirifica with a Volufiline cream. Pueraria Mirifica increases estrogen levels and Volufiline affects the fat cells in the breast. Taking them both will not cancel one another out or cause any adverse effects. There is actually a breast enlargement cream from Japan that is a mix of Pueraria Mirifica and Volufiline. It is available from Rakuten and is called Volufiline Platinum Gel Cream.