Is Growth from Natural Breast Enlargement Permanent?

Before jumping into a breast enlargement program, you’re probably wondering  – is this something I will have to do for the rest of my life or is the growth permanent?

There are two different opinions when it comes to how permanent breast growth is from natural breast enlargement. One opinion equates NBE to working out. You can’t stop completely otherwise you’ll lose most of the muscle you gained from the workout. In this case, the boobage you gained from NBE.

For the opposing view, here is how one person put it – with NBE, taking pills like bovine ovary, you are trying to trigger your body into a second puberty. If breast growth wasn’t permanent, any growth that was experienced during your first puberty would have been lost. And if that was the case, every woman in the world would be walking around with a flat chest.

Like most things NBE, it differs from person to person. Some people may lose a little over time while some people don’t lose any growth. There are many factors that can contribute to growth being permanent or not, but the key seems to be duration – how long you were on the breast enlargement program before you stopped. It seems the longer you are on a routine, the less likely you will lose your breast gains. For example, say you reached your goal size after 6 months and decided to stop your routine. You are more likely to keep the growth compared to if you reached your goal size at 3 months and decided to stop.

There are some breast enlargement methods that appear to be more permanent than others but with a little maintenance, your breasts will be here to stay no matter what routine you choose.

What is a Maintenance Program?

A maintenance program is where a person does a variation of their routine after they have reached their goal size and stopped their primary NBE routine. This generally includes taking smaller doses and/or shorter period of time. Some people start a maintenance program shortly after they stop their primary routine. Others start their maintenance program within a few months or years after stopping their primary NBE routine.

While many NBE’ers don’t seem to bother with a maintenance program after they have reached there their goal size, there are a number of people who do. Below are some examples of how people are maintaining their growth.

Herbal Breast Enlargement

Some of the maintenance programs for herbal breast enlargement that NBE’ers tend to do are:

Take ½ the dose herbs for 3 months

Every 3-4 months, take herbs for a 2-3 week period

Bovine Ovary

Bovine ovary companies state that breast growth is permanent.  Many have experienced permanent growth from bovine ovary pills but there are a few people who have experienced loss after stopping their bovine ovary program. We found a number of NBE’ers who believe that growth from bovine ovary pills is permanent after at least 6 months of use. Those that decide to do a maintenance program after their bovine ovary routine generally turn to herbs as part of their maintenance program.

Breast Enlargement Pumps

Many believe that breast enlargement pumps offer the most permanent results. The growth is very slow and some believe this gradual growth allows the body to adjust, resulting in permanent growth. “The faster you grow, the faster you’ll lose it,” some say. Either way, there are some who have had successful growth from breast enlargement pumps and still do maintenance programs like pumping for just 10 minutes a day or pumping only a few times a week or month.

So How Do You Keep Your Growth?

Everyone is different and reacts to breast enlargement differently. Some may not need to do maintenance to keep their progress while others do.

Some things that can contribute to loss of breast growth are stress and rapid weight loss. If you want to lose weight, it is best to do it before starting your breast enlargement program.  If that is not an option, try to lose the weight gradually. This can help reduce any shrinkage and for some people, prevent it all together.

One thing you can do after you are happy with your results and stopped your routine completely is massage. Breast massage is beneficial to the overall health of the breasts as it helps to clear the lymphs as well as increase circulation to the breasts. Massage also allows you to get in tune with your breasts. As a result, you will be able to tell when something isn’t right, which may save your life one day.  You won’t need to massage as much as you did while on your NBE routine.  Just a few minutes each day can be very beneficial.

Another tip from NBE’ers to prevent any loss of growth is to gradually get off your program, do not stop cold turkey. So, as soon as you decide that you are ready to stop your NBE routine, start lowering your doses.  You’ll want to ramp down over a 3 month period.

There is some good news! If you lose any breast gains after stopping your routine, all is not lost. Many have reported that breast growth was easier and faster when they started back on their routine.