Is Collagen Beneficial for Breast Growth?

There are a number of women who take collagen supplements as part of their natural breast enhancement routine but is it really beneficial for breast growth?

Two women who have had success with natural breast enlargement used collagen as part of their NBE routine.  One, who is known as “fengshui” in the NBE world, ate chicken feet soup as a source of her collagen.  Another lady by the name of Chiyomilk, who we’ve talked about at GrowBreastsNaturally, took Nano collagen – a collagen supplement from Japan.  Fengshui noted a boost in boob growth after she started eating chicken feet soup.  We believe that Chiyomilk started her collagen supplements along with her NBE routine so it is not known whether or not collagen boosted her breast growth.

Collagen is found in skin and connective tissue (ie tendons and ligaments).  Taking collagen supplements can help to tighten skin and connective tissue.  The tightened skin and connective tissue can be beneficial to breasts as it can help to firm up breasts as well as lift them.  Collagen also improves circulation which can be beneficial to breast growth as more oxygen and nutrients get delivered to breast cells.

So does collagen help with breast growth?  There are no studies out that prove this but there are many women in the NBE forums who have added collagen to their routines and have seen benefits, not only to their breast growth but to their skin and hair as well.


A few things to know about collagen supplements:
– it is advised that vitamin C  is taken with collagen supplements
– collagen supplements are made from fish, chicken, or cows
– additional benefits include reduced appearance of cellulite, reduces winkles and improved hair/nails


Nano Collagen is a collagen supplement used by Chiyomilk. We are not sure what the price is as we had a hard time trying to order from the site we found.
Meiji Collagen is another popular brand in Japan.  The best price we found was on Amazon, about $40.