Hypnosis Programs for Breast Enlargement

For those looking for an alternative to taking pills or using breast enlargement pumps to grow bigger breasts, hypnosis might be a favorable option for you.  Hypnosis has been used for many years to successfully undo unwanted behaviors as well as improve mindsets and body issues.  In recent years, hypnosis has become a popular option to grow breasts naturally.  Many women in the breast enlargement community have reported success with growing breasts through hypnosis.

Two of the most popular Hypnosis Programs for Breast Enlargement used within the NBE community are Wendi and Innertalk.  Though their goals are the same – to grow bigger breasts – their approaches are different.

Wendi Hypnosis Breast EnlargementWendi uses more of the “traditional” method of hypnosis – relaxation and positive suggestion.  Wendi’s breast enlargement hypnosis program consists of a 3 CD set that focuses on releasing issues from your past, creating love and acceptance of your body, and initiating the best mind/body state for growth.  The recommendation for her program is 8-12 weeks but some women have experienced growth sooner.

Innertalk Hypnosis Breast Enlargement Innertalk takes a slightly different approach.  Rather than using “traditional” hypnosis methods, Innertalk focuses on subliminal messages (ie My breasts are alive and growing. Rapidly my breasts fill out).  A benefit of this type of program is that you can listen to it anywhere, while doing anything such as driving you car.  With Wendi’s program, you will need to be relaxed and in a trance state. Innertalk’s breast enlargement CD comes in a single or double CD option.  It is recommended that you listen to it at least 1 hour per day.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Breast Enlargement

  • Safe and doesn’t alter hormones levels to grow breasts
  • It is one of the least expensive options for natural breast enlargement ($28-$44)
  • one time cost unlike other BE methods like pills or even breast enlargement pumps (larger domes need to be purchased as you grow)
  • Virtually no effort required and if you go with Innertalk, no time is taken out of you day since you can listen to it anytime, anywhere.

Tips for Success

No matter which hypnosis program you choose, you will need to believe that it is possible to grow breasts.  If you think “this is stupid” while listening or don’t believe that you can truly grow breasts, especially through hypnosis, it’ll be pointless.  Just be open-minded and believe that you can have the fabulous breasts your desire.

Another tip is to follow the program 100%. If the instructions say to follow for 12 weeks – follow for 12 weeks, even if you don’t experience any signs of growth.  One lady who was using Wendi’s program didn’t start noticing growth until 9 weeks in.

One of the most important tips whether it is hypnosis or any other breast enlargement method is to be consistent.  Listen to your CD’s everyday for the recommended time.  Inconsistency is the biggest cause of failure, no matter which breast enlargement method you choose.  It takes a lot of dedication to stick with a program and in the end, be successful with growing breasts naturally.

Wishing you all the best on your journey!