How To Take Pueraria Mirifica

Menstural CycleDepending on who you talk to, whether it’s Pueraria Mirifica users or manufacturers, there seems to be three schools of thought when it comes to how to take Pueraria Mirifica.  The three methods are outlined below.

Method #1 – Take Pueraria Mirifica only during the first 14 days of your cycle (follicular phase)

This method was made famous by Chiyomilk.  She would start taking PM the day her period started and continue taking PM through her follicular phase.  During this time, she would take her temperature daily and when it dropped, she knew she was going into luteal phase.  Chiyomilk would then stop taking PM and switch to a blend of lower phyto-estrogenic herbs.

Some PM manufactures also recommend this method, taking PM the first 14 days of your period that is.  They do not mention taking any additional herbs during luteal phase like Chiyomilk did.

Many women favor only taking PM during follicular phase because they believe it follows your body’s natural hormone levels.  During follicular, your estrogen levels are the highest so taking PM during this time would boost your estrogen levels when they are already naturally high.

Some women also use progesterone cream to help stay consistent with the body’s natural hormone levels.  The progesterone cream is used during the luteal phase when progesterone is at it’s highest level.

Method # 2 – Take Pueraria Mirifica during the latter part of your cycle (luteal phase)

Some in the NBE community believe that PM should be taken during luteal phase.  Your estrogen levels are at their lowest during this time so taking PM during luteal would help keep estrogen levels constant throughout your cycle.

Another reason why some women take PM during luteal phase is because they believe that taking PM during follicular phase might overwhelm the body with all the excess estrogen in the system.

Method # 3 – Take Pueraria Mirifica throughout your cycle

Some women and PM manufacturers believe taking PM daily throughout your cycle is the best method for breast growth.  Many women from Thailand, where Pueraria Mirifica originates from, have been taking PM daily for decades and have had no adverse side effects.   As a matter of fact, Thailand has the lowest instances of breast cancer in the world.

This method is popular with women who do not ovulate or those who take birth control pills.

pueraria mirifica

All three methods and the reasons behind them make sense when you think about it.  Not sure which method to go with?  The best thing to do is go with the one that resonates with your the most and give it a try. If your breasts don’t seem to be responding, try another one of the methods listed above.

NBE is all about experimenting and trying to figure out that magic formula that your body will respond to, resulting in your breasts growing.  If you do not know how to take Pueraria Mirifica, just give one of the methods mentioned above a try and go from there.


TIP:  No matter which method you choose, remember to take a break.  Rule of thumb with Pueraria Mirifica or any herbal breast enlargement program is to take a week break for every 3 months of use.

You can also do a Milk Thistle cleanse during this time.  The break and cleanse will help your body reset so that it doesn’t get used to the PM or the BE herbs you are using.  The cleanse will also help clean out your liver so it does not get overloaded with estrogen – all of which can result in lack of breast growth.