How Do Breast Enlargement Pills Work?

Breast enlargement pills are the preferred method for many women who wish to grow breasts naturally. They are easy to take and have a high rate of success for those who are patient and committed to the process.

So how exactly do breast enlargement pills work? How do these little things trigger the body into growing breasts when many believe that breast growth is done after puberty?

First – you need to know that there are two kinds of breast enlargement pills and both affect the body differently. The easiest way to explain is that one is plant-based and the other is animal-based.

The plant-based or herbal breast enlargement pills consist of breast enlarging herbs like fenugreek, pueraria mirifica, fennel and saw palmetto. The animal-based or glandular pills use animal glandulars to stimulate breast growth.

Herbs for Breast Growth

The purpose of herbal breast enlargement pills is to balance your hormone levels with plant-based or phyto hormones (ie phyto-estrogen, phyto-progesterone, etc.). These plant-based hormones mimic human hormones and are very effective at getting the job done once you figure out what your body needs – that’s the hard part.

Though there are many phytos that can be taken to assist in breast growth, the one you’ll probably hear the most about in natural breast enlargement is phyto-estrogen. Women generally take phyto-estrogens to increase their estrogen levels since estrogen plays a big part in breast growth. Phyto-estrogens include herbs like fenugreek, pueraria mirifica and fennel.

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Another popular plant-based hormone women take while trying to grow bigger breasts is progesterone. Yams are a well known phyto-progesterone though the body can not convert it properly. Many spices like turmeric, thyme and oregano are also said to increase the body’s progesterone levels.

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Herbs like fenugreek, hops and goat’s rue are used to increase prolactin levels while anti-androgens like saw palmetto, borage oils and spearmint tea are used to balance testosterone levels.

With so many options, you can see why some breast enlargement pills work for some people and not for others. Once you find the right product or mix that your body will respond to, it’s happy growing from there! It just takes a little time, effort and dedication.

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Glandulars for Breast Growth

Glandular therapy is the use of raw concentrates of glandulars and organs from animals. Glandulars work on the theory of like affects like. So taking a particular glandular of an animal will assist that same glandular in humans. The practice has been around since the early 1900’s and has recently begun to take hold in the US.

In terms of breast enlargement, dehydrated bovine or cow ovaries are generally used. Taking bovine ovary pills stimulates the pituitary gland which is an important gland for breast growth. This little organ is the size of a pea but plays a big part in hormone production and is known as the “master gland”. The pituitary gland produces many hormones that are important for breast growth like prolactin, growth hormone and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) which stimulates the ovaries to produce estrogen.

This is the same gland that is triggered during puberty and is the reason why some people experience puberty-like symptoms like acne when taking bovine ovary pills.

Other animal glandulars that are used for breast enlargement are lamb and pig placenta which are a popular option in Japan. The placenta is rich in growth factors and hormones.

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So in a nutshell, herbs balance hormone levels in the body by adding phyto or plant-based hormones that mimic human hormones while glandulars trigger the pituitary gland to produce more hormones naturally.  Is one better than the other? Read Bovine Ovary vs Herbs for Breast Enlargement to find out.