Hormones 101: Breast Enlargement

Natural breast enlargement involves a delicate balancing act of hormones that trigger the body into growing breasts naturally. The major female hormones involved in breast growth are estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. Your body produces all these naturally and are generally at their highest levels during puberty and pregnancy.

Not only do you need to make sure your females hormones are in check but testosterone levels need to be balanced as well. Yes, women naturally produce a small bit of testosterone just as males naturally produce low levels of female hormones like estrogen.

There are many supplements that can assist you with this balancing act. Some are herbal which provide a phyto or plant variation of a specific hormone (ie phyto-estrogen). There are also animal based products like bovine glandular that stimulate the pituitary gland which produces many of the body’s hormones including prolactin.

All these hormones are unique and necessary for successful breast enlargement. The breasts are made up of a variety of glandular tissue, each responding to these hormones differently. Some of the glandular tissue found in breasts respond to estrogen while others, like the milk ducts, respond to prolactin.

Below is more information on the major hormones involved in breast enlargement.


There are 60 different hormones with estrogenic properties. The three main estrogen hormones are estradiol, estrone, and estriol with estradiol being the strongest. Estradiol is produced in the ovaries and is responsible for breast growth. Estrogen levels naturally fluctuate with a woman’s menstrual cycle with the highest levels of estrogen being present during ovulation.  Read More – The Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle

Estrogen is the most important hormone in natural breast enlargement.  To increase estrogen levels, NBE’ers take phytoestrogenic herbs like Pueraria Mirifica, fenugreek, fennel seed, hops, and red clover but more is not always better. Supplementing too much estrogen can overload the body and cause estrogen receptors to shut down and not respond which can result in a stall in breast growth.


We all know that testosterone is produced in males but women also produce a small amount of testosterone – about 3/10 of a milligram per day compared to 7 milligrams per day in males. 75% of the testosterone produced in women is converted into estrogen through a process called aromatase.

It is very important to balance estrogen and testosterone levels in order to have successful breast growth. Some women produce too much testosterone which can sabotage breast growth but there are ways to balance out testosterone levels. Anti-androgens like saw palmetto, vitex (chasteberry) and spearmint tea help to level out testosterone. On the flipside, if you are not producing enough testosterone, maca root can be taken as a testosterone booster.


Progesterone is another hormone that is important to breast development. Just as testosterone and estrogen need to be balanced for successful breast growth, estrogen and progesterone need to be at balanced levels as well. Progesterone is known as the pregnancy hormone and is very important to the development of breasts, specifically the formation of the glands. During pregnancy is when progesterone levels are at their highest.  Like estrogen, progesterone levels naturally fluctuate with a woman’s menstrual cycle with levels being their highest during the second half of the cycle or during the luteal phase.

Some things you can take to increase progesterone levels are fennel seed tea or red clover. The most popular method for NBE’ers is to use a good progesterone creams but if your progesterone levels are naturally high, using any of these products can stall your progress.


Prolactin stimulates milk production during pregnancy but also plays a vital role in natural breast enlargement. Prolactin increases the number of estrogen receptors in the breasts as well as assists in the development of mammary glands. One way to increase the amount of prolactin produced by the body is to stimulate or massage the breasts.

Products that help with prolactin secretion are hops, goat’s rue, and fenugreek.

What are your hormone levels?

After reading about the various breast enlarging hormones, you are probably wondering where your hormones levels stand. To get a general idea of your hormone levels there are some simple questions you can answer at Dr. Lee’s hormone questionnaire.

Hormone Saliva TestIf you would like a more in-depth report on your hormone levels, there are saliva tests you can take.  Saliva tests are kits that can be purchased online and require you to send in a saliva sample.  After a week or two, you will receive a detailed report of your hormone levels. They are a little pricey but can give you an accurate read on your hormones which can provide you with a wealth of information on your overall health. They start as low as $170 for a 5 hormone level test up to $315 for a 10 level test.

Knowing your hormone levels are not only beneficial to breast growth but to all areas of your life. An excess or deficiency in hormones can result in poor sleep, mood swings, chronic illness, weight gain and more.  So if your budget allows, getting a saliva test can be a good thing as hormones play an vital role in a healthy life.