Guide to Breast Enlargement Soaps

There are a number of topicals used to enlarge breasts including creams, oils, and masks. Breast enlargement soaps are just another way to get breast enhancing herbs onto your breasts.

What are Breast Enlargement Soaps?

Just as it sounds, they are body soaps that are specially formulated to increase breast size and/or firmness. These soaps are composed of one or more breast enlarging herbs such as pueraria mirifica. BE soaps sud up like normal soap but have a little more oomph in them for the breasts.

Benefits of Breast Enlargement Soap

One of the key benefits of using a breast enlargement soap is that they allow for optimal absorption of breast enhancing nutrients directly into the breast. Along with the hot water from the shower, which opens up pores, maximum absorption of the product into the breast area is possible.

Another benefit of using BE soaps is that they can be a convenient, time saving method for getting breast enlarging herbs onto the breasts. For those of you that say you don’t have enough time, no more excuses!  BE soaps give you the opportunity to get a nice herbal breast massage in while showering.

Do Breast Enlargement Soaps Work?

I personally believe that BE soaps can be a good addition to a breast enlargement program but don’t think they’ll help breasts grow a considerable amount on their own.

Can soaps help firm up breasts?  Yes.  Can soaps increase breasts by a cup size or more? Possibly, but I don’t believe there is enough of the active ingredients in soaps to bring about significant growth.  A half cup growth, maybe with a good massage routine but a cup or more, probably not. But I could be absolutely wrong a there are plenty of people online that claim to experience breast growth as a result of using a breast enhancing soap.

Breast Enlargement Soap Tips

If you are thinking about trying a breast enlargement soap, I highly recommend having a good breast massage routine. The massage should be the main focus with the BE soap being a nice addition. Other tips I would recommend when using a BE soap are:

  • Warm breasts with water from hot shower before applying soap onto breasts
  • Create a thick lather and massage onto breasts. Leave soap on while completing your shower routine (ie shaving, etc) – at least five minutes, longer the better
  • Use twice per day.  If not possible, use a breast enhancing cream with similar ingredients to supplement.
  • As with all things NBE, consistency is a must for success.

Where to Buy Breast Enlarging Soaps

Amazon and ebay are abundant with listings for breast enlargement soaps, especially pueraria mirifica soaps straight from Thailand.  Below are a few of the BE soaps that can be found online.

Natureday is a natural breast enlargement company that has been around for a while.  They carry a line of natural breast enlargement products that include supplements, creams and soaps.  Their BE soap contains a variety of oils and proprietary herbal blend.



Jaowying Beauty’s Brightening Breast Soap is formulated with collagen and a number of oils including coconut and sunflower seed to help lift and firm breasts as well as lighten and brighten the skin around the breasts.


Dorlene Pueraria Herbal Bust Soap is a product from Thailand. The soap is made with pueraria mirifica and is said to increase the size and firmness of the breasts as well as make the skin softer and reduce PMS, menopause and anxiety symptoms.


Personal Experience with Soaps

I’ve tried Nature Day’s BE Soap and a no name pueraria mirifica soap from eBay in the past. I only used one bar of each which isn’t enough time to give a fair assessment of the product (ie did it work/not work). One thing I didn’t like about using a soap was that it was way too slippery, in my opinion, to do many of the massage techniques. Not saying it was impossible but just isn’t the way I prefer to do my massages.

If you are interested in using a soap, I say give it a try.  You might actually prefer the soapiness more than I do for massages.