Green Papaya – A Chinese Boobie Food Staple

Papaya is considered a top boobie food in China, specifically green papaya. Ask almost any NBE’er in China what their number one tip for breast growth is and most will say to eat green papaya and drink green papaya milk (more on that later).

Benefits of Papaya for Breast Enlargement

So what makes papaya so good for breast growth? Papaya is rich in nutrients and enzymes and these enzymes are the key. They break down proteins (another must in a good boobie diet) which promotes the body’s absorption of these proteins. Though you can eat ripe papaya and reap benefits, green papaya is highly recommended. As the fruit ripens, those beneficial enzymes deplete. Green papaya contains up to twice as much of these protein breaking enzymes compared to ripe papayas.

The enzymes and vitamin A found in green papaya is also believed to stimulate the secretion of female hormones estrogen and prolactin which can assist in breast development. We personally don’t believe that eating papaya alone will increase breast size but eating green papaya can be a great add-on to any breast enlargement routine.

It is recommended that you eat plenty of proteins like nuts, milk or meats while eating green papaya so you can reap the full benefits of the protein breaking enzymes found in this fruit.

Where to Buy Green Papaya

Most Asian stores carry green papaya, especially the larger stores. We found some for $1.29 per pound at our local Asian store. But if you are having a hard time locating green papaya, you can always purchase fresh green papaya from Amazon. Yes – Amazon sells produce.  It is a bit pricier though at $21 for about 4lbs.

Amazon also carries green papaya powder that you can easily stir into milk or a smoothie.  We always believe fresh is a better option but if you don’t have access to fresh green papaya, powder is better than nothing.

How to Prepare Papaya

Fresh ripe papaya can be peeled and eaten. Green Papaya can be easily thrown into smoothies or juiced in a juicer. Here are two simple green papaya recipes that women in China recommend you should consume daily as part of any breast enlargement program.

Green Papaya Milk

1 small or medium-sized green papaya (about 1½ -2 cups of papaya )
½ cup milk
¼ cup sugar (or other sweetener) optional

Peel green papaya and cut into cubes.  Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix.  You can add ice to make it more like a smoothie.  Sugar can be substituted with another sweetener and adjusted to your taste.  Milk can be substituted with soy milk or almond milk as well. You can also add walnuts or any other nut for additional protein.

Green Papaya Yogurt

1 cup yogurt
2 cup green papaya
2 tbs milk (condensed)

Peel green papaya and cut into cubes.  Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix.  Amount of condensed milk can be adjusted depending on how sweet you want it. For additional protein, you can use Greek yogurt and/or add nuts.

Green Papaya SaladBoth of these are considered good boobie recipes because they include a good amount of protein from the milk or yogurt.  They are just a few quick and easy recipes recommended specifically for breast growth but there are a number of green papaya recipes found online. The next time you’re at a Thai restaurant, try some Som Tum, a green papaya salad.  Or you can make your own following A Taste of Thai’s Green Papaya Salad recipe.

Green Papaya Breast Enlargement products

MILKY G BIRD NEST & PAPAYA MILK TEAA company in Korea has infused the benefits of green papaya into a tea called MilkyG.  The key ingredients in this tea are bird’s nest, green papaya and pueraria mirifica. This Korean Bust Up formula has been patented in Korea and claims to increase breast size and improve skin condition.

MilkyG is popular in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia but it can be purchased online through the MilkyG website.  It is recommended that you consume one tea bag a day (except when you are on your period) for at least three months. Each box lasts about one month and  three box supply costs $88US with free shipping.