Got Boob Sweat? Try These Products

Is boob sweat a major problem? If it is, we had no clue! Twice last week we heard about products to help combat the sweaty boob, also known as swoob. Yes, there is a nickname for sweaty boobs.

Along with the two products we heard about, we discovered a number of products online that you can purchase to help with boob sweat. Here are just a few of those products…

Breast Deodorants and Creams

Boobaliciouss Breast DeodrantBoobaliciouss ($8) is a hand-made deodorant just for your breasts that we found on Etsy. This boob deodrant is non-toxic and made of all-natural, organic materials. Boobaliciouss breast deodorant comes in a variety of yummy smells including Awesome Apples, Crazy Coconut, Lickable Lemons and Utterly Unscenter for those that don’t care of a scent.


fresh-breastsFresh Breasts ($12) is an aluminum free, paraben free and talc free cream that you put on your breasts. It is scent free and helps keep your breasts fresh and dry. And for the guys out there with sweaty balls, they carry a similar product for men called Fresh Balls.


Bust DustBust Dust ($20) is an antiperspirant powder for your breasts. We’re not a fan of this one because of the fact that it has aluminum in it which some people believe can cause breast cancer. You can read more about this in a previous post – Finally, A Natural Deodorant That Works!


Bra Liners and Pads

wickem bra linersWick’ems ($20) were mentioned last week on Rachel Ray. Wick’ems is a lining you wear in your bra that absorbs sweat. It can also be used to add some cushion between your skin and bra band to help make your bra a little more comfortable. Wick’ems are washable and come in white ivory, nude and black.


Pambras Bra LinerPambras ($19) are the self proclaimed original bra liner that have been around since 1990. They are washable pads that are placed underneath your breasts and absorb sweat from under and between the breasts. They available in white, black, nude and come in a variety of sizes.


Girlease Bra LinersGirlease ($16) is another bra liner that is on the market but these liners are disposable. They come in packs of 5 or 15 ($28) liners. These bra liners can hold up to 5 times their weight and are biodegradable.  Girlease bra liners were voted QVC Sprout’s “Cream of the Crop” by QVC viewers.

Breast Cooling Pads

My Breast Friends Cooling PadsMy Breast Friend Cooling Pads ($11) – These pads are self cooling and require no refrigeration though they say you can put them in the fridge for “added coolness”.  They last 4-6 hours and come in packs of 8 (4 sets of 2).   These cooling strips are as thin as a band-aid and have an adhesive backing so they stick to your breasts. You can wear these strips with or without a bra.