Glandulars for Breast Enlargement – Ovaries, Pituitaries, Adrenals and More

As many of you already know – taking animal glandulars, specifically bovine ovaries, is a common method used to grow bigger breasts but did you know there are a number of other animal glandulars that are used in NBE?

Below are a few of the glandulars people take as part of their NBE routine and the importance of each.


Ovaries are the most common animal glandular used in NBE. The go-to for natural breast enlargement is bovine (aka cow) ovary. By consuming bovine ovaries, the body’s pituitary gland is stimulated which results in the increased production of hormones by the body. Some people liken it to restarting puberty.

Swanson’s Premium makes a high quality, inexpensive brand of bovine ovary.  And from the reviews, you can see that it’s highly effective for breast growth, especially for biological males desiring female breasts.


Pituitary is another common animal glandular used in NBE and is generally coupled with ovary glandulars.

Pituitary supplements are taken to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. The gland also produces prolactin as well as other hormones beneficial to NBE including thyroid stimulating hormone (THS), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteal stimulating hormone (LSH).

Taking pituitary glandulars is said to be beneficial for those NBE’ers over 30 years of age as production of growth hormone starts to diminish as you get older.


Though the use of mammary glandulars is not common in NBE (surprisingly) there are still a few people who use them as part of the NBE routine. Raw mammary glandulars are said to help enhance the breast and develop the milk glands.

Bovine mammary glandulars have been recommended by some for female breasts disorders such as nipple and breast pain, swollen lymph nodes, underdeveloped breast, mastitis, and lactation difficulties. The National Cancer Institute has even studied bovine mammary tissue to learn what in the tissue helps prevent cows from getting breast cancer.


Taking adrenal glandulars can help support your adrenal functions which can play an important part in the success of one’s breast growth. Low functioning adrenals or adrenal fatigue can disrupt the body’s natural hormone balance. Hormones like DHEA are produced in the adrenal glands and are important in NBE because DHEA is the precursor to the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen.


A properly functioning thyroid is important to NBE for many reasons. One, the thyroid regulates metabolism and body temperature. A body temperature of 98.2 to 98.6 is crucial for successful breast growth with bovine ovary supplements. If you have hypothyroidism or low functioning thyroid, your body temperature might be too low. A thyroid that is not functioning properly can also affect female hormone levels which may delay growth from your NBE program.


Animal placenta is a glandular that became popular in the NBE community because of Chiyomilk.  Chiyomilk ingested animal placenta along with many other supplements as part of her NBE routine which resulted in amazing breast growth. Animal placenta is rich in growth factors and hormones which can be beneficial to your overall health as well as breast enlargement program.

No matter what glandulars you take, do your research and know where the animals are sourced from. When purchasing bovine glandulars – especially pituitary – be sure they are sourced from non-BSE cattle. Pituitary is rated as medium infectivity by the FDA for transmission of mad cow disease which is more riskier than glandulars like bovine ovary.

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