Female Deer Breast Massage Technique

The Chi Breast Massage has been a popular massage technique among NBE’ers to help increase breast size naturally.  But there is another breast massage technique that is just as popular – the Female Deer Breast Massage. The name is a little weird but this massage technique is simple to do and only takes a few minutes each day.

The Female Deer Massage is based on the women’s qi gong exercise, the Female Deer Exercise. The Female Deer Exercise is said to increase vitality, sexual health and pleasure, as well as increase fertility. The exercise involves pelvic contractions similar to kegel exercises, acupressure on the vagina and breast massage. We will be focusing on the breast massage which is said to increase circulation, release hormones, and strengthen ligaments and muscles in the breasts.

Female Deer Breast Massage

Hand placement:
Right hand on right breast, left hand on left breast.  Massage can be performed simultaneously or one side at a time if arms get tired.


  • Rub hands together to create warmth
  • Start by placing hands on the inner side of each breast or between the breasts (similar to picture above).
  • Move hands down, then up around the outer sides of the breasts to the top of the breasts and then back to the center of the chest. This is one full rotation. Your hands should be drawing a circle around your breasts with the nipple being in the center of the circle.

Twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening for minimum of 36 rotations and maximum of 360 rotations.


  • Massage should be performed on bare breasts, no clothes on.
  • Lightly skim the surface of the breasts. The breasts should not move while doing the massage.
  • Avoid nipples when doing this massage as nipples can be sensitive and easily stimulated.
  • Do everyday except when menstruating.

Similar to the Chi Breast Massage, the motion of the Female Deer Breast Massage is inward. So that would be clockwise on the right breast and counterclockwise on the left breast. Doing massage outward is said to decrease breast size but according to my naturopath, before starting your massage set, you should do 10 rotations outwards. She recommended this because doing the outward rotations with help clear the lymphs and prepare your breasts to receive the full benefits of the massage. Otherwise, it may cause blockages if you jump right in with doing a full set of inward massage.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been doing the massage twice a day for 2.5 months (lately I’ve started doing 300 rotations each time), yet I see no results… I think that they have become firmer, though.
    I’m a teenager and I don’t want my family to know about this, so I can’t use herbs, creams, hypnosis, etc.
    If I continue this routine, is it possible to grow at least one cup and how long do you think it is going to take?
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Being that you are a teenager and still going through puberty, you definitely want to stay away from breast enhancing products for now. Keep up with the breast massage as it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the breasts. Also, make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. Get plenty of protein and eat collagen rich foods, if possible. .

      While doing research for BE Secrets and Myths, I discovered that in Russia, it is believed that eating cabbage as a teen is supposed to be beneficial to breast growth while mothers is Taiwan encourage their daughters to eat green papaya. Are these methods really effective? I don’t know how effective they are but they are natural foods so shouldn’t cause any harm if you choose to give them a try.

      The best thing you can do during this time in your life is to keep up the massaging, eat well and try not to worry about it some much. I know that is easier said than done. You might also want to try some visualizations when you go to bed. There is a short one that you can try that was posted here – http://www.growbreastsnaturally.com/staying-positive-and-motivated-on-your-nbe-journey.html
      The key is to really feel it, really feel the excitement of having bigger breasts. Another important tip – stay positive! I wish you all the best!

      • Thank you so much!
        I did a little research myself and discovered that a lot of regular foods like greens, soy milk, meat and nuts contain protein, estrogen, etc.
        So I’ll do everything you said and I hope to get positive results 🙂
        Just one more question: Can self-hypnosis for breast enlargment be effective?
        Thank you again! 🙂