EFT for Breast Enlargement

eftEFT is a simple technique that can easily be added to your breast enhancement routine.  EFT helps to release any negative beliefs or thoughts you may have around breasts and your relationship with breasts.  This might the one thing that is holding you back from growing bigger breasts.  Continue reading to learn the history and theory behind EFT then give EFT for Breast Enlargement a try.  It only take a few minutes a day and best of all…it’s free!

History of EFT

Time and again we hear people talking about the power of the hidden energy within our bodies and how we can unleash it to attain miraculous benefits. Emotional freedom technique is adopted from alternative medicinal therapies like acupuncture and acupressure used in eastern medicine for over 5000 years. All negative emotions and physical symptoms can be explained on the basis of negative energy accumulating within our bodies. Little did Dr. Callahan realize that while experimenting with a spontaneous idea of tapping the body meridians, he would pave the way for a revolutionary therapeutic technique now known as Emotional Freedom technique.

What is EFT?

The theory behind EFT has its roots in the traditional Chinese medication. Our bodies contain energy referred to as “ch’i” that is circulating through channels called meridians. If we restore the energy imbalance in our bodies, we can conquer the negative thoughts and emotions in our bodies. That is what EMT aims to do. The technique requires you to focus on the negative emotions bothering you and while maintaining this focus, tap using the fingertips 5-7 times each on the 12 main energy meridians. These points can be tapped in any order as long as the focus is maintained to dispel the negative thoughts. While tapping concentrate on how to change the situation at hand and make resolutions. This way you will access the negative energy and restore it to a balanced state.

Why choose EFT?

There are many people around the world who are carrying the emotional baggage of problems like physical imperfections. Many even allow mental problems like phobias, anxiety and stress control their lives. They try complicated procedures and countless trips to therapists and professionals to sort out their problems. What makes EFT superior to other alternative therapies like acupuncture is that it is a pain-free, needle-free and hassle-free method that an individual can perform on themselves. Besides, unlike acupuncture it does not require years to master the knowledge about a hundred meridians or any form of extensive training. All you need is proper knowledge about the technique and you can easily perform it at home without professional help. Most importantly it gives you the power to put your life in your control.

Using EFT in real life

Millions of people around the globe are living unfulfilled lives. They should recognize the miraculous power of this revolutionary technique that can revert the course of their problems. EFT can help with many mental and physical problems that people suffer from. This tapping miracle can provide relief from issues like emotional problems, phobias, anxiety, stress, addictions and PTSD. It can even help with physical problems like chronic pain and breast enlargement. EMT aims to give you the power to steer your life out of the misery and get a grip over the situation with ease.

EFT and breast enlargement

Many women are self conscious about their physical image if they have smaller sized breasts. They feel disregarded by society and suffer from low self-esteem. EFT has emerged as a sigh of relief for these women as this therapy provides them a way to control beast growth according to their will. The technique used is similar to the one mentioned above. The negative thoughts within your mind create a mental block that can retard breast growth. Most girls have deep rooted fears in their souls that instils negative energy which stops breast growth. These negative thoughts may include:

  • unwanted attention from men
  • the notion that thin girls cannot have bigger breasts
  • Fear of sexual assault
  • Early menstrual periods
  • Backaches due to breast size

Once you begin tapping you need to focus on the thoughts holding you back and you need to explore how to correct the energy imbalance they are creating. You need to focus on hormones and the breast receptors receiving the signals to grow. Women who have used EMT described that after a few successful sessions, they feel blood rush to your breasts and a noticeable increase in the bust size.

Here are a few recommended questions that you may want to focus on while tapping:

  • Why do I want bigger breasts?
  • What are small breasts and how do they affect me?
  • What does having larger breasts mean to me?
  • How will people view me differently if I have bigger breasts?
  • Is my femininity related to my breast size?

Stay tuned for a step by step guide on how to release any negative thoughts and beliefs that might be keeping you from growing breasts naturally.


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