Effectiveness of Teas for Natural Breast Enlargement

For every BE herb out there, there is most likely a tea variation available and if not, you can easily make your own.  But…how effective are teas for natural breast enlargement?

This is another one of those “depends on who you ask” questions.  Some say that it’s super effective because the liquid is easily absorbed by the body while others say it’s a total waste because there is no way to tell how much product is actually in the tea.  

One thing is for sure, people have been consuming herbal teas because of the health effects for centuries, especially those in Asian countries such as China.  Tea is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and there are a number of homemade teas that are used for natural breast enlargement with one recipe dating as far back as the Qing Dynasty.  (I’ll share that recipe and a few others in my next post – 5 Chinese Teas for Breast Enlargement.)

Reasons Why NBE’ers Add Tea to Their Routines

  • When herbs are steeped into tea, the body does not have to break down the plant material which allows it to be more easily absorbed by the body
  • Tea can be an inexpensive option as buying dried herbs in bulk can be fairly cheap
  • Teas are a good supplement to an NBE routine to lessen the amount of pills that need to be taken
  • Easily create your own customized natural breast enlargement tea blend depending on what your body’s needs are
  • Drinking cups of tea everyday provides water/hydration which is important for natural breast enlargement

Teas Used in NBE

Teas commonly used in natural breast enlargement include fennel, spearmint, milk thistle as well as blends of herbs like those used in Dr Bustea’s Breast Enhancement Tea.

  • Fennel – Fennel tea is a popular tea in NBE.  Just crush some Fennel seeds and steep for 10 minutes with boiling water, then strain and drink.  Fennel promotes milk production and stimulates growth of breast tissue.
  • Spearmint – Spearmint tea is generally added as a supplement to an NBE program for those who have high levels of androgens (ie testosterone).  Spearmint is an anti-androgen and drinking spearmint tea helps to balance hormones.  Spearmint tea can be found as pre-packaged tea or you can purchase dried spearmint for about $11 for a pound and make your own tea.
  • Milk thistle – Another popular tea used in NBE but rather than provide nutrients to grow breasts, milk thistle tea is used to clean/reset your system so that your body absorbs more of the BE herbs you are taking.  Read more: Milk Thistle Cleanse for NBE
  • Bustea – A popular breast enhancement tea that contains a variety of herbs used to promote breast growth.  It was developed by a well known herbalist for his daughter and is said to have helped her achieve her breast enlargement goals. Read More: Tea for Growing Breasts

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Tea

No matter what type of tea you drink for NBE, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of it.

  • Purchase highest quality tea/herbs, if possible
  • Steep tea in boiling water
  • Steep for at least 5-8 minutes to get maximum strength, some people steep up to 10 minutes or more, especially when making their own tea from dried herbs
  • Most studies recommend drinking 2-3 cups a day, at least, to receive the full benefits of the tea

Can’t Find a Tea Variation for Your Herb(s)?

Here are two options for those who cannot find a tea variation of an herb or you wish to make your own herbal blend.

  • Manatea Tea Infuser Silicone StrainerBuy loose herbs in bulk and either steep the single herb or a mix of herbs in a tea infuser or strainer.  There are a bunch of inexpensive options online.  I have the manatea infuser.  It’s super cute and easy to use but it may be too small if you plan to use more than one type of herb for your tea.
  • Open up capsules of herbs and steep the powder in boiling water.  I’ve never tried this but I can’t image it tasting good at all but there is always honey or agave nectar to mask the taste.  Eve, a popular success story in the NBE world, actually drank her herbs like this as part of her routine and had great success with breast growth.