Cupping for Bigger Breasts

Cupping is a Chinese medicine technique that dates back to 300AD. Similar to breast enlargement pumps, cupping also uses vacuum pressure but at a much smaller scale.

Both use suction to increase circulation and swelling in the breasts which in turn is said to result in enlarged breasts.

Have you been on the fence about getting a breast enlargement pump to grow bigger breasts? Cupping might be a good option to start out with. They’re smaller and less intimidating.

Like breast enlargement pumps, cupping can also be used to supplement other breast enlargement routines like herbal and bovine routines.

Benefits of cupping

Less risk of expanded areolas
Noogleberry and other breast enlargement pumps have been know to make nipples larger due to the suction on the nipples since the domes are placed over the entire breasts. There are tips and techniques that can be used to reduce enlargement of the nipples but if you are still hesitant, cupping might be an option.

With cupping, the domes are small and don’t require you to place them over the entire breast. The nipples never get any suction with cupping unless you purposely put them over the nipples though that is not recommended.

More discreet
For those of you that live with someone – husband, boyfriend, roommate, parents – and don’t want them to know you’re trying NBE, cupping might be a better option for you. Breast enlargement pump systems can be big and bulky. Cupping only requires one or two small cups, no bigger than a few inches.

Less expensive than breast enlargement pumps
Breast enlargement pumps can cost anywhere from about $70 and up depending on brand and size of domes you start out with. Then, after your breasts start growing, you will need to purchase larger sets of domes to accommodate your larger breasts.

If breast enlargement pumps do not fit in your budget, cupping may be an option for you. You will only need to purchase one set of cups which cost about $20.  And these same cups can be used to cup other parts of your body like your butt or thighs as it is said that cupping also helps to reduce cellulite.

How to use cupping for breast enlargement

Items needed:
Oil – coconut, flax seed, sweet almond oil – whatever you choose

Massage the oil onto the breasts. Be generous but be careful not to over lube as this may cause an issue with moving the cups around your breasts. You will discover the correct amount to use as you cup more.

Squeeze the cup and place on breast. Let go of the cup. The cup should have created a suction and is now sticking onto the breast. If not, try again. Depending on how much you squeeze the cup, this will dictate the pressure felt on the breasts. If there is major discomfort, remove the cup and try again. This time, squeeze the cup less. If the opposite it true and you don’t feel much pressure or the cup falls off, squeeze the cup more before applying onto breast.

Once the cup is securely on the breast, slowly slide the cup around the breast. You might have to hold the breast tissue with one hand and slide the cup with the other. It is suggested that you move around the breast in the same direction as the chi breast massage or inwards motions all around the breasts. Similar to an inward spiral motion, avoiding the nipple area.

There are a bunch of videos on youtube on cupping. Unfortunately, none of them are specific to the breasts but here is one on the butt to give you an idea of movement, etc…minus the fire of course.

Another technique one can try is to not move the cup around.  Just place on breast and leave on that spot for a few minutes.  Remove the cup and move to another section of the breast to suction until you have gone all around the breast.  This seems more time consuming compared to the technique of sliding the cups around the breasts but try both and see what works best for you.

Ready to give cupping a try?

Here is a cupping set from Amazon that is popular in the NBE community.  This set can also be used to treat cellulite on various parts of the body.

Face treatments are also another popular use for cupping but you wouldn’t want to use this set on your face. The suction might be too hard. Plus, you’ll want smaller cups to make it easier to navigate around your face.

I plan to purchase these little guys to test out on my face. I would buy the bigger ones to test out on my breasts but I am currently conducting an experiment on myself with just my glandulars and massage with acupressure.

Breast enlargement pumps are still more popular than cupping for breast enlargement but this may be the option for you.  If anyone has tried cupping or plan to try cupping for bigger breasts, please share your comments below.