Chiyomilk’s Keys to Successful Breast Enlargement

If you have stepped foot into the world of natural breast enlargement, you have probably heard of her and want to be like her.

Chiyomilk is a legend in the natural breast enlargement world. In three years, she went from a C cup to an I cup (B cup to G cup in US) and women have been trying to copy her regimen for bigger breasts ever since. But what makes her routine so special and effective? Chiyomilk attributes her success to 3 things – Hormones, Fat Brushing and a Good Bra.

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Chiyomilk’s routine centered around upping the levels of her female hormones by taking supplements like Pueraria Mirifica. She believed that it was very important to follow the body’s natural rhythms and would strictly monitor her menstrual cycle so she knew when her estrogen and progesterone levels were naturally low or at their peek.

During Follicular Phase (or the first half her cycle) when her estrogen levels were naturally high, she would take Ladies Pueraria 99%, a pueraria mirifica (phytoestrogen) product from Japan. Then during the Luteal Phase (or later half of her cycle), when her estrogen levels were naturally low, she switched to Super B Up Drops, an herbal breast enhancement mix (lower strength phytoestrogen) from Japan.

Additional supplements she took while on her routine were collagen and Whitex , a Japanese supplement which contains pig placenta and hyaluronic acid.

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Fat Brushing / Massage

Another important component of Chiyomilk’s routine was a good massage / fat brushing program. Her routine consisted of a technique known as  fat brushing which she learned while visiting a bust care salon in Japan. In fat brushing, she would glide her hands over specific parts of her body to redistribute fat from that area to her breasts. These areas included moving fat from her arms, belly and back. An additional benefit of the fat brushing technique is removing toxins from the body by clearing the lymphatic system.

Chiyomilk recommends doing 20 minutes of fat brushing each and every day (10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening). She also recommends using a good lotion to help hands glide over the body. If you are skinny, this technique will probably not work for you as she says you must have flab for it to work.

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A Good Bra

Yes, hormones and fat brushing are important but what are bigger boobs without a good shape? Chiyomilk believes that a good bra should be the highest priority for a successful breast enlargement routine.  She used a special bra known as a “correction bra” throughout her journey. These bras help mold and shape of the breasts. They are designed to create a cone shape (aka rocket breasts as Chiyomilk called it) to give you support and prevent sagging. As you can see from the image, Chiyomilk’s breasts are big, nice and perky. The correction bra helps to keep the fat you brushed stay in the breasts and not seep back to where it came from.

Chiyomilk used the Bradelis bra which is decently priced at about $30 each but with the number of bras she went through as she grew, it was definitely an investment – well worth it!  She now uses the Corele bra which is much more expensive at about $100 each.  Chiyomilk recommends getting fitted for the perfect size but if that is not possible, be sure that it is snug around the band with a little room in the cups.  The snug band will help keep the fat and breast tissue in place while the extra room in the cups won’t restrict your breasts and allows room for them to grow.

If you thought natural breast enlargement was just about taking pills, Chiyomilk shows that it’s much more than that.  Every little detail matters – from when you take your supplements to the type of bra you wear can help you achieve successful breast enlargement!  Wishing you much success in growing!