Chi Breast Massage for Breast Growth

Breast massage is an essential part of any breast enlargement routine.  There are many techniques available but one of the most beneficial is the “Chi Breast Massage”.

Chi Breast Massage – Step by Step

1) place hand over your breasts – right hand over right breast, left hand over left breast.

2) spread your fingers out slightly and try to cover as much of the breast as you can.

3) move breasts in circular motion inward.  You will start by moving the breasts towards each other, like you are trying to create cleavage.  Then down and out (away from each other) then up and back towards each other again.  This is one full rotation.

4) Do 180-360 inward rotations 1-2 times per day

Things to Keep in Mind

– Be sure to move the actual breast tissue with your hands rather than sliding hands in a circular motion over the breasts.

– Be sure to move in an inward direction.  Outward direction is believed to reduce breast size. 

– Be gentle on your breasts!  They are made of delicate tissue and can easily be bruised or hurt.

Massage and Tired Arms

When you first start doing the chi breast massage, it may seem like it takes forever because your arms will get tired but once your arms get used to doing the massage, it will go by quick!

When your arms do get tired, take a rest for a minute.  Stretch them out or do one side at a time while the other arm rests. Do not try to push through and rush through the massage.  Half-assing the massage is not going to benefit you in any way.  Do the rotations fully and accurately.

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More Massage Techniques

The Chi Breast Massage is one of many massage techniques available to help firm up and increase breast size. We will be sharing additional massage techniques with you in future posts.  In the meantime, try some of these acupressure points – Acupressure for Breast Enlargement


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