Causes of Sagging Breasts

Breast sagging is an inevitable part of a woman’s life. Women with the most enviable assets have, at some point, gone through the loss of firmness and shape.   Also known as ptosis, sagging is usually experienced by women in adulthood. Most women try to avoid it and do not take it seriously. However the sooner you take action, the better. Much damage can be avoided if you start taking care of yourself early.

Breast size:

If your breasts are larger in size than ordinary breasts, then you will face more sagging than others. This is because gravity tends to pull heavier breasts downwards, which makes them saggy and shapeless. This is why it is highly important for women with large breasts, to wear proper fitting and supportive bras. This will also help get rid of lower back pain.


Age is an important factor when it comes to breast sagging. The elastin fibres of your breasts which prevent it from sagging, tend to decrease as women age. This is why women usually experience breast sagging during menopause or soon after.


Pregnancy can also cause breast sagging as your boobs are bound to get bigger, which ultimately leads to drooping and sagging of breasts.


According to a recent study, excessive exercises can also cause sagging. The exercises such as running and jogging tend to cause the breasts to bounce and move more than usual, which makes them, droop and sag more. This is why a sports bra is very necessary for work outs and other exercises.


The carcinogens contained in smoke tend to break down the elastin fibres in your breasts, which are responsible for holding the tissues together.  Smoking is one of the causes that seem to cause breast sagging in teenage women.