Can Chewing Gum Increase Breast Size?

It is possible if the gum has breast enlarging herbs in it. There are many who have used breast enlarging gum as part of their regimen and have had successful results. But before we get into all that, here’s a little background on breast enlargement gum.

Breast enlargement gum is nothing new. It has actually been around since the early 2000’s with Bust Up gum from Japan being one of the first on the market. The active ingredient in Bust Up gum was Pueraria Mirifica. It was a huge hit at one time but it is no longer sold online. We are not sure if the product is no longer available in Japan as well but there are plenty of new contenders on the market such as Fulfill (previously known as Zoft) from the US and Suplitol from Japan.

Suplitol Pueraria GumSuplitol Pueraria Gum from Japan has Pueraria Mirifica as its active ingredient, similar to Bust Up gum. Each piece contains about 60mg of Pueraria Mirifica. It is recommended that you take up to 6 pieces of gum each day. We have not been able to find any reviews or experiences with this gum in our research.

FulFill breast enlargement gum is created by a company in the US called Zoft. Rather than using Pueraria Mirifica as their active ingredient, their gum contains a blend of 13 carefully chosen herbs including fennel, blessed thistle and oat grass. It is recommended that you chew up to six pieces of gum per day. We found a number of women who experienced increased breast size as a result of chewing Fulfill gum.

FulFill Breast Enlargement GumSuccess with Breast Enlargement Gum

Most women experienced an increase in breast size within 2 months of starting Fulfill but many continued chewing for at least 6 months. It is thought that the additional 4 months helped make the growth permanent.

One of the women who had success with Fulfill gum provided insight into her routine.  She said that she chewed Fulfill for a total of 6 months but ramped up her dosages over the 6 month period which she thinks contributed to her success.  The first two months she chewed 2 pieces of gum per day.  During months 3 and 4, she upped the dosage to 4 pieces of gum per day.  And the last two months (5 and 6) she chewed 6 pieces of gum each day.

If you decide to give breast enlarging gum a try, be sure to add massage to your routine.  Even just a few minutes a day can be beneficial in reaching your breast enlarging goals.

Pros / Cons of Breast Enlargement Gum

One of the pros of chewing breast enlargement gum is that the herbs easily pass through the membranes of the mouth and absorb quickly into the bloodstream. This means less of the product being processed through the body and peed out.

You would think more companies would be making their breast enlargement formulations into a gum because of the better absorption but a negative to breast enlargement gum is that it breaks down easily. It is recommended that you chew it for only about 5 minutes otherwise the herbal extracts start breaking down the gum.  Some people have described it as the gum getting sandy in texture. If you want to continue chewing past 5 minutes, one women recommended chewing a piece of regular gum with the breast enlarging gum to help keep things together.

Another downside of breast enlargement gum is that you have to chew so much gum – 2 to 6 pieces per day! But if you like chewing gum, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Like with any other product – breast enlarging or not – results may vary.  If you decide to give gum a try, it is best to give it 6 months and ramp up your doses over the 6 month period.  And don’t forget the massage!

Have you tried breast enlarging gum?  Please share your experiences in the comments below.