Breast Massage with Ayurvedic Pomegranate Breast Oil

Pomegranate Breast Oil by Earthsong is an excellent addition to any breast enlargement routine. It’s not like your typical products used for breast massage. It doesn’t have your usual breast enlargement herbs like fenugreek or wild yam but more importantly, this breast oil was created by someone who has her own breast story and is an actual breast health teacher. Sunny, the creator of Pomegranate Breast Oil, is an advocate for breast health and encourages detoxifying and revitalizing your breasts naturally.

Further differentiating this breast oil from any other breast enlarging creams and serums is that it is an ayurvedic oil based on a “pomegranate breast toner” that women in India have been using for centuries to keep their breasts healthy and youthful. Sunny learned Ayurvedic methods and uses these techniques to create her pomegranate breast oil – a true labor of love.

The main ingredients of the oil are pomegranate rind (or peel) and mustard seed oil, which are both certified organic. Mustard seed oil improves circulation and muscular strength as well as detoxifies the body. Pomegranate rind contains anti-oxidants and has scientifically been shown to be anti-carcinogenic. There is research published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry showing that pomegranate peel extract suppresses the growth and proliferation of estrogen dependent breast cancer cells in the laboratory.

Some of the benefits of using Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil include:

– Reduces Breast Cancer Risk
– Reduces and Prevents Sagging
– Firms, Tones and Shapes Your Breasts
– Relieves Breast Pain and Fibrocysts
– Helps Prevent Breastfeeding Mastitis
– Helps a Woman Reclaim, Recover and Reconnect with Her Breasts after Surgery, Breastfeeding, Emotional or Physical Trauma, Illness or Injury
– Helps You Feel Peaceful, Calm, and Relaxed
– Reduces or Even Disappears the Fear of Disease
– Creates Heavenly Soft Skin

Guide to Essential Breast Massage

The breast oil comes in a beautifully labeled bottle with a pump and cap so there is no mess and is easy to travel with. The oil costs about $30 for a 2oz bottle (you can purchase in bulk for less) and comes in two versions – with or without essential oils.  We’ve tried the version with essential oils and it has a very pleasant smell, one that you don’t mind having on you throughout the day. Each massage only takes a few pumps of oil so the bottle should last about 12 weeks or so depending on use.

If you are tired of doing the same old breast massage (ie chi breast massage) as part of your routine, there is a collection of breast massage techniques listed on the Earthsong site that help to detoxify and firm breasts. A free Guide to Essential Breast Massage booklet is also included with each order that describes a variety of breast massage techniques. It is beautifully done and you can see the time and love Sunny put into, just like she does with her breast oil.

We highly recommend this breast oil even though it isn’t specifically meant for breast enlargement and doesn’t have any of your typical breast enlargement herbs in it. We love that it detoxifies your breasts and is anti-carcinogenic so that you can protect your breasts from cancer cells.  This is an oil that can be used by anyone whether they’re on a breast enlarging routine or not so help spread the word!