Breast Growth with Progesterone Cream

Progesterone is an important hormone for growing bigger breasts. It is involved in the formation of the mammary glands and helps give breasts a rounded shape.

Progesterone is naturally produced by the female body each month after an egg is released from the ovaries. It causes a lining to grow in the uterus to help protect and nourish the fetus. If the egg does not get fertilized, the uterine lining breaks down and you start your period. Progesterone levels are at their highest during pregnancy and play a major part with increased breast size during pregnancy.

Finding the right balance between progesterone and estrogen levels is important to grow bigger breasts naturally. Because of this, many women add progesterone cream to their breast enlargement routine. A progesterone cream is generally coupled with a Pueraria Mirifica routine as PM is a very strong phyo-estrogen.

Some women have reported that adding progesterone cream after having no success with their breast enlargement routine gave them a boost in breast growth. But before you run off to get some progesterone cream, you should take this simple online test to see if you are estrogen dominant in the first place. If you are progesterone dominant, progesterone cream will probably not be beneficial to you.

When should you use progesterone cream to help balance your hormones levels?

Menstural CycleThe chart on the right shows your hormones levels during your menstrual cycle. You can see that progesterone levels are higher during the later part of your cycle or during luteal phase. This is when you should use progesterone cream.

Depending on how long your cycle is, you should generally start using progesterone cream 12 – 15 days after you start your period. Say your cycle is a perfect 28 days, you would start progesterone cream 15 days after your cycle then stop using it on the 28th day, right before you start your period again. It is recommended that you do not use it longer than 2 weeks at a time.

You do not need to apply it everyday during the 2 weeks. Some people apply it every other day or every few days throughout the two weeks. You will need to experiment to see what your body responds to the best.

If you are up for a little more experimentation, some women have reported better success with progesterone cream by starting it one week earlier than recommended method above.

How do you apply progesterone cream?

You do not need a lot. Just a pea size massaged into areas where the skin is thin and has the least amount of fat like ankles, wrists, inside of elbows and behind the knees but not on the breasts. It is recommended that you rotate between these areas after every application. So maybe one day you apply to your ankles, the next on your wrists and so on.

Where can you buy progesterone cream?

You can find progesterone cream at your local health food store or order it online. Below are two popular brands that NBE’ers use.

progesterone creamSource Naturals
Paraben Free
USP from soy
500mg per ounce

Smokey Mountain NaturalsSmoky Mountain Naturals
500mg per ounce
USP from non-gmo wild yam


What about wild yam cream?

There is a misconception that wild yam cream is a good cream to use for balancing progesterone levels. Yes, wild yam cream has diosgenin (a plant hormone that can be chemically converted in progesterone) but the human body can not convert it. It must be converted in a lab. So when looking for a progesterone cream to use, make sure it is USP or bio-identical like the ones mentioned above are.