Breast Enlargement Success Stories – Chiyomilk and Mayusakimilk

When it comes to successful natural breast enlargement, Japan is number one. Japanese women have been reporting amazing amounts of breast growth for years.

Is it the breast enlargement products they have available in Japan? Is it their dedication? Maybe the air they breathe? We say all of the above. Well – maybe not the air but whatever it is, there are countless stories of women who have totally transformed their breast size naturally.

We believe their dedication plays a big role in their success. These 3 cup increases in breast size didn’t happen overnight, they took years! Could you imagine doing your boobie routine everyday for a year or 2 or maybe 3, all in the name of boobs? And we’re not talking just popping some pills everyday. These women also monitored their menstrual cycle by taking their temperatures every morning, ate boobie friendly foods, as well as massaged, exercised, and fat brushed each and every day. That’s a lot of dedication but then again, 3 cups of all natural growth is well worth it!

Another reason for such amazing success is that Japanese breast enlargement products are top notch. Most of the women use Ladies Pueraria 99% which is said to be very high quality and potent compared to what is available to most of us.

To inspire you for the new year, here are two women from Japan who have experienced amazing breast growth.


Chiyomilk blogIf you don’t know who Chiyomilk is read A Story of Amazing Breast Growth – Chiyomilk. She is a legend in the NBE community. She grew an amazing 3 cup sizes in a span of two years by cycling her routine between Pueraria Mirifica and other breast enlargement supplements. She also incorporated massage and fat brushing to her routine. She has a blog where she documented her journey and progress. Here is a link that shows her progression – Chiyomilk’s progress


MayusakimilkMayusakimilk is another amazing breast enlargement story from Japan. Her growth is even more amazing than Chiyomilk’s. She grew from barely anything to a Japanese H cup (E cup in US) in a little over a year using many of the same methods and products Chiyomilk used.

Similar to Chiyomilk, she would use certain products based on where she was in her cycle – known as cycling. And like Chiyomilk, she would take her basal body temperature (BBT) every morning so she knew exactly where her was in her cycle and what supplements she needed to take at that time. Below is her routine –

Follicular phase
Ladies 99% Pueraria 1 tablet per day – before bed
Whitex 1 package each day
Puruoi packet x2 each day

During menstruation
Glamour 1 tablet each day
Whitex 1 package each day
Puruoi packet x2 each day

Luteal phase
Whitex 1 package each day
Puruoi packet x2 each day.

She also massaged with Ladies Pueraria 99% cream daily.  Here is Mayusakimilk’s blog.  It’s not as comprehensive as Chiyomilk’s blog as Mayusakimilk seems to be more about pushing products and didn’t document her progress with as many pictures as Chiyomilk did  but you can still get an idea of her progress.  To get a better understanding of all the products Mayusakimilk used, below is a breakdown.

Ladies Pueraria

Ladies Pueraria 99% is a high quality Pueraria Mirifica supplement from Japan. Each pill contains 330mg of Pueraria Mirifica and is commonly used among NBE’ers in Japan.  Each package contains 60 tablets and can last about 4 months if you choose to cycle your routine.


Glamour-Pills-JapanGlamour is a low phytoestrogen / progesterone supplement that contains a mix of Pueraria Mirifica, Black Cohosh and Chasteberry (vitex).  Each tablet is 450mg and each package of Glamour contains 90 tablets.




Whitex is a supplement that contains a number of ingredients including pig placenta, eggshell membranes, hyaluronic acid, biotin and elastin to name a few.  It is available in tablet form or as a powder.  The powder can be easily mixed with water or any drink of your choice.  The tablets come in 240 count packages with each tablet containing 262mg of the Whitex blend while the powder comes in 30 count packages with each containing 1500mg of the blend.


puruoi nano collagen japanPuruoi is a nano collagen product that is available in powder form.  The product uses a marine collagen derived from fish and each packet contains 1500mg. It is said to be heat resistant so you can either sprinkle it on food or dissolve it in a drink like coffee.  Puruoi also produces a collagen face gel and cream.



When it comes to amazing breast growth like both these women experienced, it’s not just about the supplements. You need to dedicate yourself to your routine as they did. Are you willing to monitor your cycle and take your temperature every morning? Are you willing to change bad habits and eat things that will give your breasts nutrition? Are you willing to massage and fat brush every day? If the answer is yes, then give it a try! We wish you much luck on your journey!

Have you tried any of the Japanese products mentioned above? What was your experience? Share in the comments below.