Breast Enlargement Creams and Other Topicals

Besides pills, breast enlargement creams are the next most popular and abundantly available breast enlargement product on the market. Creams fall into the family of products known as topicals which covers everything that can be applied to the skin including lotions, serums and oils.

Below are the many topicals used for breast enlargement.


Breast CreamCreams, lotions, serums, gels

They come in a number of forms but are generally lumped into the category of breast enlargement creams. Not matter the form, they serve the same purpose and each carry an active ingredient that is used to help breasts grow. Most creams, lotions, serums and gels contain a mix of breast enhancing herbs or just one herb like Pueraria Mirifica. Some contain the active ingredient Volufiline or Voluplus which help to increase the size and number of fat cells in the breast.

Other than active ingredients and formulations, there are no major differences between creams, lotions, serums and gels other than physical characteristics. Creams and lotions are generally white while serums and gels are generally clear and thinner in consistency.

Though many breast enlargement creams may claim a cup or more increase in breast size, the percentage of active ingredient in creams are generally low and will not cause significant breast growth if used alone.

Breast Massage OilOils

Though there are not many oils that are especially formulated for breast enlargement, oils are a popular addition to breast enlargement regimens. Oils are generally used to make boobie batters or homemade breast enlargement mixes to be used while massaging the breasts. Oils such as borage, evening primrose and coconut oil are mixed with herbs or herbal extracts to create these homemade mixes.

Oils are the preferred topical for breast massage by many NBE’ers because the consistency of the oil allows the hands to glide smoothly over the breasts during the massage. Another bonus of oils is that they don’t absorb into the skin as fast as lotions and creams do so it makes it an ideal product to massage with.


There are no breast masks on the market that are specifically formulated for breast growth. Like boobie batters, breast masks are made in the kitchen. They can be as simple as smashing a banana or mixing dried herbs like fenugreek with an oil and leaving on your breasts for 20 minutes then washing off.



As surprising as it sounds, there are soaps that are especially formulated for breast enlargement. Like breast enhancement creams, soaps contain a mix of breast enlarging herbs or a single herb like Pueraria Mirifica. Just lather up and leave on your breasts for a minute or more then wash off. You can also do your massage program in the shower with the breast enlargement soap. The heat from the shower is ideal for maximum absorption of the product.

Topicals are a good addition to any natural breast enlargement routine but are generally not effective for significant breast growth if used on their own. Massaging with topicals can provide added fullness to the breasts but to see gains of a cup or more, you will want to couple the topical of your choice with either a breast enlargement pill or breast enlargement pump.