Bovine Ovary vs Herbs for Breast Enlargement

There are two main types of supplements that you can take to grow breasts naturally – bovine ovary and herbs.  Is one better than the other?  In terms of getting the job done – growing breasts – women have had success with both bovine ovaries and herbs.

It’s more a matter of what your preference is rather than is one better or safer than the other.  The main difference between the two is that one is an animal based product and other is a plant based product.

Another major difference is how they affect the body to stimulate breast growth. Bovine ovaries work with the pituitary gland to increase the body’s natural production of hormones while herbs, generally phyto-estrogens or plant based estrogen,  increase the hormone levels through the consumption of these herbs.

Why Women Choose Herbs over Bovine Ovary?

Some women prefer to take herbs for a number of reasons but here are three of the most common that we found –

  1. Herbs are a less expensive option for breast enlargement compared to bovine ovaries.  For example – Greenbush, a popular herbal breast enlargement program, currently has a 2 month supply for $69.95 while Bountiful Breast, a popular bovine ovary breast enlargement supplement, has a 4.5 month supply for $317.
  2. Herbs are plant based and are preferred by people who are vegetarians or people are just don’t want to take a animal base supplement. The thought of taking bovine ovaries makes some people squeamish.
  3. There are more options with herbs in terms of types of herbs to take as well as forms they come in.  Herbal breast enlargement is available in pills, creams, gums, teas, and more while bovine ovaries are only available in pill form.

Why Women Choose Bovine Ovaries Over Herbs?

Some women prefer to take bovine ovaries over herbs for their breast enlargement routine.  Here are three of the most common reasons we found –

  1. There have been no reports of weight gain with bovine ovary supplements while some women have reported weight gain with herbal supplements for breast enlargement.
  2. Bovine ovaries are said to not interfere with birth control, according to companies like Bountiful Breast.  Some website say that it is a possibility that herbal breast enlargement supplements can interfere with birth control pills but at the same time, others have reported no issues with herbal supplements and birth control.  If you do choose to go with herbal and are on the pill, we suggest using an extra method of birth control just in case.
  3. Some women believe bovine ovaries have a higher success rate for breast growth than herbal supplements.


When trying to decide between bovine ovary and herbal breast enlargement supplements, some things to think about are  –

Do you prefer animal or plant based supplements or does it not matter?
What is your budget?
Do you prefer to have more options (ie creams) than just a pill?
Are you on birth control and concerned about herbal effects on it?

No matter what method you choose, remember to follow the directions and be consistent.  We wish you much success with your routine!