Body Shaping – Bras that Reshape the Breasts

Shapewear or body shapewear, like Spanx, have become a woman’s best friend over the years by helping us keep things in place, at least temporarily.

In recent years, a new trend of using undergarments to permanently reshape your body has erupted. Most popular being corsets which are being used to “train the waist” into shape. You’ve probably heard more and more about waist training in the fashion/gossip blogs lately with celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian admitting to using corsets to trim their waistline.

Not only can you reshape your waist, you can also reshape your breasts. Training your breasts into shape is nothing new and is very popular in Japan. A good shaping bra is one of Chiyomilk’s keys to success. (if you have never heard of Chiyomilk -stop- read A Story of Amazing Breast Growth – Chiyomilk)

Bradelis is one of the best out there for shaping bras and has made its way from Japan to the US market.  Unfortunately, at this time, there are only locations in New York but you can buy their bras online.  Only downside is that you won’t be custom fitted by a Bradelis fit specialist.

Bradelis offers a three stage bra system “designed to achieve each individual’s ideal silhouette.”  The bras are designed to reposition breast tissue from back, underarms and upper abdomen and over time, increase volume and reshape the breasts.  The course of treatment takes about 9 months but can vary person to person.

Below are the details for each stage of the Bradelis 3 Stage Bra system.

Stage 1 – Designed to collect and reposition breast tissue from the back, underarms and upper abdomen to sculpt and redefine the “Contour Line” of the breast.
Results seen in approximately 3 months but can vary from person to person.

Stage 2 – Designed and crafted with a narrow center gore to contour the breasts for a fuller look and feminine cleavage. With the use of narrower angled wires than the Step I bra,fatty tissue is pushed towards the center, enhancing contour and volume of the breasts.
Results seen in approximately 3 months but can vary from person to person.

Stage 3. Designed to enhance the décolletage with intense lift to create a high rounded shape and sexy neckline. Establishing contour and Décolletage.
Results seen in approximately 3 months but can vary from person to person.

Bradelis bras are a bit pricey ($72+) but if they do what they claim they do then they’re well worth it! Instead of having 5, 10, 15 or however many bras, why not invest in a few good quality bras (and super cute) that actually have a purpose beyond just covering your breasts?  From the reviews we have read, they are supposed to be amazing.  Here’s one review –  Bradelis review.  If price is an issue, their bras do go on sale. Sign up for their mailing list so you can be notified when they are having their sales.

Bradelis also provides alterations free of charge for the life of the garment!! So when your bra band in all stretched out and isn’t giving you that support anymore – they will restore it, good as new!  Well worth the price!

No matter what bra you wear, here are two bra tips to get the most out of your bra and keep your breasts healthy –

Tip #1 – Always be scooping

You should always be scooping and adjusting your breasts. It is recommended that you do it every time you go to the bathroom as a reminder to scoop.  The bathroom also allows for the scooping to be done anywhere whether in a bathroom stall at work or at the mall –  so no excuses. To scoop and adjust,

  1. bend forward  at the waist
  2. focusing on one breast, scoop fat and breast tissue from your back and bottom of the breasts in and up towards the center of your collarbone.  It should look like you are creating cleavage with that breast.
  3. repeat on opposite breast

Note – A wide band bra is ideal as the wider band will help to keep the breast tissue you gathered in place.

Below is a video we found on YouTube that demonstrates the scooping

Tip #2 – Get the blood flowing

After you take off your bra, give your breasts a massage for a minute or two to get the blood flowing in your breasts. A good one for this is the Chi Breast Massage. Start with 10 rotations outward to drain the lymphs then do 20 or more inward rotations to increase circulation and blood flow to the breasts.

Whether you wear a bra all the time or just when you need to, make sure it’s a good one. Chiyomilk and other breast specialist in Japan believe that a good bra is essential to natural breast enlargement. Not only does a good bra give support but it can also help reshape the breasts. These bras can be pricey but are well worth the investment.