Birth Control Pills and Natural Breast Enlargement

When planning your NBE journey, whether or not an NBE method will affect your birth control pills may be a priority for you. It makes sense to have some concerns since many BCPs interact with your natural hormone levels to prevent pregnancy while many NBE methods interact with your natural hormone levels to kickstart your body into breast growing mode.

So does NBE affect birth control pills? Here’s what you need to know about BCP and NBE broken down by NBE method.

Breast Enhancing Herbs

There appears to be no definitive answer when it comes to whether or not breast enhancing herbs affect birth control pills as there is no real research available on the topic. Surprisingly, many women have commented that they did not experience any negative effects to their BCP while on breast enhancing herbs. There are a few herbs, believed by some, with the potential to cause BCP issues but there doesn’t seem to be an agreed upon list of herbs.  The only herb that is continuously mentioned is saw palmetto.  It is recommended that saw palmetto not be used with BCP and nettle’s root be used instead as a safe alternative.

But if pregnancy is a concern, I must highly emphasize – the best bet is to ask a pharmacist or the physician who prescribed your BCP if the herbs you plan on taking will interfere with your pills.

On the flip side, many women believe (and have experienced) birth control pills hindering the effectiveness of the herbs they are taking as part of the NBE program. Either they were experiencing success with herbs then started BCP and all growth stalled or they were taking herbs with no success while on BCP and when they stopped the BCP, they experienced growth.

But there are also those that have experienced great results combining NBE and BCP. So as the old saying goes, everyone is different and everyone reacts to things differently.  The way your body reacts can be due to a number of factors.  Some of the factors that may affect herb/BCP interactions include:

  • Type, potency and amount of herbs taken
  • Strength and type of birth control pills (estrogen-based, progesterone-based, etc)
  • Body’s natural hormone levels
  • Usage of birth control pills and/or herbs (consistency, etc)

Pueraria Mirifica

Once again, there is no real research on the effects of Pueraria Mirifica on birth control pills but the consensus is that you should not mix Pueraria Mirifica with BCP, especially those that contain synthetic estrogen because the PM and the pill will compete for the body’s estrogen receptors. So either A) the pill may not work and an unexpected pregnancy may result or B) the BCP will prevent the PM from working and will be a total waste, which appears to be a common result when combining the two.

Similar with herbs, if you don’t experience growth with PM and happen to be on the pill, you may want to consider coming off the pill and see if that helps with growth.

Bovine Ovary

Bovine Ovary companies like Bountiful Breast state that their pills “will not interfere or affect birth control pills.” This may be due to the fact that bovine ovaries actually trigger your body’s natural production of hormones to grow breasts, unlike herbal breast enhancers which trigger breast growth by increasing or decreasing hormone levels via plant-based hormones like phyto-estrogens.

Volufiline / Voluplus

Volufiline and Voluplus are plant derived ingredients that naturally increase the size and amount of fat cells to the area of the body in which they are applied. Because they only affect the fat cells in the breast area and do not alter hormone levels, these products should not interfere with birth control pills.

Options for Birth Control Users

If you are on birth control pills and still want to give natural breast enlargement a try but are concerned with the possibility of getting pregnant, here are some options for you:

  • Use additional contraception – condoms, spermicides, etc
  • Use a non-hormonal form of birth control (ie copper IUDs)
  • Choose a non-hormonal form of natural breast enlargement (massage, acupressure, breast enlarging pumps)

In the end, talk to your physician if you have any concerns.  They can give you guidance specific to you and your needs.