Animal Placenta – Great for Skin, Hair and Breasts

Pig placenta supplements were first introduced to the NBE world by Chiyomilk, a legend in the breast enlargement community. Before then, most of us (in the Western world at least) never heard of humans eating placentas let alone those of pigs.

Kind of gross when you think about it but placentas have actually been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. And lately, there’s been an increasing trend of new moms eating their placentas after giving birth. Obviously they don’t eat it raw but still – ew!

So what’s so special about placentas? Well first, a little biology lesson – the placenta is a temporary organ that forms between the uterus of the mother and the fetus. The placenta carries nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the baby as well as removes waste.   It also acts as a protective barrier around the baby.

Animals eat their placentas for a number of reasons.  The placenta contains prostaglandin which helps to shrink the uterus.  The placenta also has low levels of oxycotin which helps to relieve the stress of the birth and helps with the ejection of milk.

Pig placenta supplements are popular in Asian countries like Japan because of their rejuvenating/anti-aging effects. There’s a myth that Japanese women look so young because they consume pig placenta.

Placenta is available in a number of forms in Japan including pills, drinks, jellies, and skin creams.  They also offer pig placenta as well as human placenta injections in Japan.

Other animal placentas consumed by humans are sheep, lamb, and horse. Sheep and lamb placentas are popular for cosmetic uses like hair conditioners and skin creams. We researched placenta products on Amazon and there appears to be many positive reviews for these products – especially when it comes to hair products.

In regards to breasts, Chiyomilk used Whitex, a pig placenta supplement from Japan, as part of her amazing 3 cups in 2 years breast program. Other NBE’ers have been using Swiss lamb placenta as part of their routines.

So how is animal placenta beneficial to breast enlargement? The placenta is said to be rich in growth factors, hormones, antibodies, and other concentrated nutrients that can rejuvenate organic tissue.

Besides being great for your skin and hair, it is said to also give you energy, help with weight loss and help alleviate menopausal symptoms. Seems like a good supplement to take even outside of natural breast enlargement, as long as you can get over the gross factor.