A Story of Amazing Breast Growth – Chiyomilk

Chiyomilk is a lady from Japan who had amazing success with natural breast enlargement. She started her journey at the age of 24, size 34B and in two years grew three cups!  Her story shows that with time, patience and dedication, you can achieve some amazing results – naturally.

Chiyomilk had a fairly complex routine that involved taking Pueraria Mirifica as well as other supplements and following the natural rhythms of her body.  Though it was more complex than the average NBE routine, it is the most successful NBE routine that we’ve come across.  Here is the breakdown of her routine.
Ladies Pueraria
Chiyomilk would take Ladies Pueraria 99% (a high quality Pueraria Mirifica product from Japan) when she started her period and continued taking it through her follicular phase.


b up drops
She would stop taking Ladies Pueraria 99 and switch to B-UP Drops (herbal breast enlargement supplement found in Japan) during her luteal phase.  She would take her temperature every morning and when it dropped, she knew she was entering her luteal phase.


She also drank Whitex while taking B-up drops.  Whitex is a product from Japan that has pig placenta and hyaluronic acid.


Chiyomilk also took Nano Collagen throughout her routine.  Collagen is also used by many women in Asia as a beauty/anti-aging supplement.


Bradelis Bra
To finish off her routine, Chiyomilk would do various breast massage techniques.  She would also move fat from other areas of her body to her breasts with a technique called fat brushing.  After she fat brushed, she would wear a Bradelis Bra to help keep everything in place.  You can find her massage and fat brushing techniques at Chiyomilk’s Youtube channel


Chiyomilk did everything she could to guarantee success.  Does your routine need to be as extensive in order to grow breasts naturally?  No, there are many women who have succeeded with a single supplement like Bountiful Breasts or Greenbush and massage.  This is just an example of someone who put her all into it and experienced amazing results.  Truly an inspiration to us all.



Check out Chiyomilk’s blog  – It’s in Japanese but there are a lot of pictures on there documenting her growth.



  1. Good day! I just have a question…will the breast massage be effective even without the supplements and the special massage creams? because Pueraria Mirifica is not available here in our country.. I hope you’ll respond to my question. it will be a great help. thank you!! 🙂

    • Massage by itself can help to increase firmness in the breasts but will not provide a noticeable increase in breast size. If Pueraria Mirifica is not available in your country, you can try herbs like Fenugreek which is another phytoestrogen, just not as strong as Pueraria Mirifica. There have been reports of women in Taiwan who have grown with just massage (a lot of massage, like 20 minute sessions 2x’s per day), acupressure and eating boobie friendly foods based on the principles of Chinese food therapy. Here is more information on Chinese food therapy – http://www.growbreastsnaturally.com/chinese-food-therapy-for-breast-enlargement.html

      Hope that helps! Wishing you much success on your journey! 🙂

  2. Her fat brushing technique works. I just did it once a day every night for 3 days and my breasts look more swollen and perkier. I’m a a 34B. Used to be a 36B but I slimmed down (diet, exercise). You can see her massages on youtube just type chiyomilk