8 Factors That Can Affect Breast Growth with NBE

Back in 2014, I wrote a post called The Mystery of Natural Breast Enlargement where I laid out a number of factors that can affect breast size like genetics, race and natural hormone levels. Upon reading it recently, I realized I didn’t really go into much detail on how each can actually affect NBE. So for this post I’m going to focus on a few of the factors and how they can affect growth with natural breast enlargement.


Many people believe that genetics are the number one factor that determines how much one can grow with NBE. If the women in your family generally have small breasts, you will most likely have small breasts and not grow much with NBE. I don’t believe this is true. Asian women generally have small breasts but there are a number of Asian women (ie Chiyomilk) that have experienced crazy breast growth with NBE.

Natural Hormone Levels

Knowing your natural hormone levels can make or break your success with NBE. Many women go into NBE thinking they just need to up their estrogen levels to grow breasts and take herbs like pueraria mirifica to do so. For those that are estrogen dominant, pueraria mirifica is the last thing you would want to take as it will up your estrogen levels even more. Balanced hormones are needed to successfully grow breasts so before starting an NBE program, it can be very beneficial to get your hormones tested to see where you are which will help dictate what herbs you will need to take for successful breast growth


Lifestyle can play an important part with growing bigger breasts naturally. Factors such as stress levels can make breast growth more difficult than it should be. Stress can cause cortisol levels to rise which in the end can throw your hormone levels off and as I mentioned earlier, balanced hormones are necessary for successful breast growth with NBE.

An active lifestyle can also affect how much you grow with NBE. Exercise is important in NBE but overdoing it can actually affect your success. Breasts are made mostly of fat tissue and if you are like me, my boobs and butt are the first things to go when I lose weight. Over doing it with exercise may lead to you burning off what boobs you’ve grown.


A poor diet can hinder breast growth with NBE. A balanced diet, low in sugar is important for success in NBE as your body needs various nutrients to grow the cells that increase breast size. If you are not able to get all your nutrients from food, supplementing can be helpful as well. A diet low in sugar is important because sugar increases the production of testosterone which block estrogen, a hormone necessary for breast growth.


Habits like smoking and poor sleep can affect breast growth with NBE. Smoking is not only bad for your overall health but bad to NBE as well.  Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen to the cells and slows the growth and repair of cells and tissue.

Sleep can be an important factor in successful breast growth. Sleep is one of the few times that the body naturally produces Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is important to breast growth.  Cell growth and repair also occur during sleep.


It is said that it is harder to grow breasts naturally for women over the age of thirty. The reason being HGH production starts to decline dramatically after the age of thirty. This doesn’t mean that NBE isn’t possible for those over thirty, it just might take little more effort and take a little longer to see results.


Consistency and dedication are key to successful breast enlargement. If you’re just putting in 80% effort and missing days here and there with your routine, it will probably take you a long time to see any results, if you see any. If you put in 100% effort, you will see success sooner and save time and money in the long run.

Previous Pregnancy or Previous NBE Success

Some believe that the breasts become fully developed after the first pregnancy. This may be the reason why NBE’ers say it’s easier to grow breasts naturally for those who have experienced at least one pregnancy. Breast growth is also easier and faster for those who have experienced growth previously with NBE.