5 Tips for Success with Herbal Breast Enlargement

These tips are specific to herbal breast enlargement pills that contain herbs like fenugreek, fennel, etc. Most of these are also relevant for Pueraria Mirifica but we will be posting tips for success with Pueraria Mirifica routine soon.

1- Start On the First Day of Your Period

Many NBE’ers recommend that you start an herbal routine at the beginning of the follicular phase of your menstrual cycle aka the first day of your period. The reason for this is that your estrogen levels are at their highest during follicular phase so starting at this time will help you stay with the natural rhythms of your body.

2 – Ramp It Up

It is also recommended that you ramp up when starting an herbal breast enlargement routine. This means that you should start by taking an amount lower than the recommended dosage then slowly increase throughout the week until you reach the amount recommended for that supplement.

3 – A Steady Flow

Divide your dosages up so you can take the herbs throughout the day unless otherwise directed. Having a morning and evening dosage (even a mid-day dosage) will provide a steady flow of herbs (hormones) to your system.

3 – Massage Your Breasts

Massage is a very important part of any breast enlargement routine. It is recommended that you massage twice a day. The Chi Breast Massage is easy to do and one of the most popular massage techniques for natural breast enlargement.  Massaging with an herbal blend will give an added boost to your routine.

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4 – Take a Break

Taking breaks from your routine is always a good idea. It is recommended that you take a week or two break from all breast enhancing herbs for every 3 months of use.Taking these herbs for a long period of time may cause the body to get “used” to them which makes the herbs not as effective.  Taking a break every once in awhile from all herbs will help your body “reset” so you can reap the full benefits of all the herbs you are taking to grow breasts naturally.

5 – Be Consistent

Like we always preach around here – be consistent. The point of taking herbs everyday is help balance your hormones for breast enlargement. Being consistent allows for a steady stream of hormones to flow through your body. When you skip, there is a break in the stream and you have to build it up again. Kind of like two steps forward, one step back.

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