4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Breast Massage

Whether you plan to make the Chi Breast Massage or any other massage a part of your breast enlargement routine, below are some tips to get the most out of your breast massage:

1 – Clear your lymphs – before you start your breast massage, do 10 rotations outward to clear lymphs.  This move is similar to the chi breast massage but you will use outward rotations instead of inward. This helps to move toxins from your breast and prepare them to reap all the benefits of the breast massage.

2 – Add heat – ideally you would want to add heat for 5 mins before the massage and for about 15-20 mins after the massage.

heating padBenefits of adding heat to your massage include:

  • opens pores for maximum absorption
  • increases prolactin production
  • improves blood flow to your breasts which makes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients faster and more efficient.

Some notes about adding heat – 

  • Placing a heating pad on your chest after your massage is the easiest way to add heat to your massage.  You can get a heating pad at Amazon for as low as $14.  Many women put a sheet of plastic wrap on their breast before placing the heating pad to help keep the heating pad clean from the boobie batter or breast cream.
  • use low heat – no more than 110-115 degrees.  More is not always better in this case.  You can easily burn yourself, plus, proteins are sensitive to high heat and lose their function at higher degrees.

3 – Add herbs- You can always do massage without a breast cream or herbs but to get the most out of the massage, it is recommended that you do one of these products.  The delicate tissue of the breasts easily absorb products which will assist with breast growth.

4 – Massage 2x’s per day – We know that schedules can get busy and it’s hard to fit in even a few minutes but massage is essential to breast growth.  Whether you are taking natural breast enlargement pills, doing hypnosis or using a breast pump, it is recommended that you make time to massage 2x’s per day – one in the morning and one in the evening. If that is not possible, try to get at least one in – it’s better than nothing!


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